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KU law graduate guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Missouri, sentenced to 120 days in prison

You got that right, Smileydog. They call it a Professional Courtesy.

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Man convicted of killing Lawrence boy in 1988 up for parole this month

Latham and York were the last executed in Kansas on June 22, 1965. Hickock and Smith were hanged about 2 months earlier.

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Cost estimates for Rock Chalk Park infrastructure come in about $3 million higher than expected; Self's foundation to make $2 million donation

The real winners are KU Sports INC and KUEA. Bill Self gets to look over all the super prospects right here in town and then claim they were not on campus, but in a "City Facility."In the long run it's probably cheaper this way to keep building the KU Basketball Empire/ NBA farm system. After it is built, just try getting in to use the facilities if you are just an ordinary citizen of Lawrence.

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Man facing felony drug charges in connection with Saturday incident at Lawrence McDonald's

Mikekt, the business about the guns is exactly why I kept my distance when I observed the activity. They might be armed and I was not. Even if they were not armed, does anyone think they would take my "Intrusion" into their business lightly? I never was in position to get a license plate number and could not just walk over and note it and write it down. Holcom Park east of the gym was active a while back.
Of course, Lawrence is not the only place I've seen this. I've seen it in Seattle, Huntington Beach and other tourist cities. You almost have to be blind to not see it.

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Man facing felony drug charges in connection with Saturday incident at Lawrence McDonald's

Drug deals take place all over the city of Lawrence in different parking lots, public and private. McDonalds on west 6th street was probably just the spot named by either the buyer or seller while they were on the cell phone getting ready to make the exchange. I have seen the scenario several times in different lots around town. A car pulls into the parking lot and nobody gets out to go to a place of business or nearby building. Another car pulls in and parks a short distance from the first. Often one or both parties are on the cell phone when they drive into the lot. One party goes to the other car, gets in and is there less then a minute or two and goes back to his car. Both cars leave and go different directions. That doesn't prove a drug transaction took place, but if you see it often enough you'd believe it. Who knows why the deal at McDonalds went sour.

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Current, former KU football players among three arrested in connection with home invasion

I would bet that drug dealers get robbed more often than normal law abiding citizens by far. And why not; that's where the money and drugs are. The "Victims" are less likely to report the incident than an honest citizen. For that matter, it may have be a neighbor of the dealers who reported it after hearing the ruckus and maybe seeing guns. What really bothers me is they may get the wrong address and kill, hurt or otherwise terrorize innocent people.

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Day 2: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State

Isabelle, probably lots of other people are involved that have made lots of money, untaxed. Have you ever noticed how many new banks have sprung up in town over the last 15 years or so? I'd be real curious to know how much of an effect this underground economy has had on Lawrence.
I don't think legalizing it and taxing it is a solution. You would probably end up with two sources, the taxed higher priced marijuana and the off-the-record seller who supplies it at a cheaper price. If a dealer is taxed it means more than sales tax, it would also eventually mean more income tax for the dealer. Why would a dealer want to mess with sales taxes and also increase his income tax liability?And for the buyer, why would they want to pay more for the same product?

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Wichita might fine residents over use of water

I think most of Lawrence water comes from rivers to the west and north. The Smokey Hill, Saline,Solomon and Republican all end up in the Kansas River. Hays and Russell are on the verge of a water war over water from Cedar Bluff. They can't tap the high plains aquifer because they are located in a blank spot over it. It was always that way, not from overuse. If the drought continues, Lawrence will certainly be affected. I can remember reading about water shortages over 25 years ago. The water shortage is world wide. Read up on Lake Meade and see what it will do the the far west of the country.

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Building that will house original "Rules of Basket Ball" will be called the DeBruce Center

I'm pretty sure "Basket Ball" was invented by Naismith while he was still in Massachusetts and then brought to KU. The Booth family bought the Rules with their own money and that's there business. But why can't the Rules be put in one of the display cases inside AFH at ver little cost?
Some people just have too much time and money on their hands. That money could be used in a better way. Same goes for the Dole Center.

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Opinion: U.S. must re-engineer its health care system

Follow the Money. Doctors go into the field because they want to get rich and enjoy the prestige. While I understand that it is a high stress profession, so are many others. And as far as Their student loans, they certainly can afford to pay them back. Most people have no choice then but to pay them or sky high health insurance premiums just to have average care. If something serious develops, they won't treat you. The high costs are spread throughout the medical field as everyone gets a cut. Then the lawyers get in on the money. Who do they sue? People and corporations with deep pockets and that includes Physicians. Overall, medical costs are far out of proportion to other needed items and services that most people can afford. I believe Doctors should live better than the average citizen, but do they have to be multimillionaires and live such extravagant lifestyles? When was the last time you saw a Doctor drive a medium priced car and live in an average home?

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