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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Will we get to find out who all the regulars really are after this shuts down? I have enjoyed reading this blog for the last year or so.

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Guth will never be fired. I only know of two who were dismissed. One was crazy and she was allowed to receive her pay for about 5 years untile she could retire. The other one was fired for his political views and his viewpoint on the law. If anything this will probably be a stepping stone for Guth. Other Universities may want him even if they have to pay more to get him.

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City Commission set to decide issue of rental licensing and inspection program

All this is going to do is raise the rent for the tenants, those who can't afford to buy housing. So who cares if there is a little crack in the drywall or if the plumbing isn't perfect. Does the city government really expect the landlords to absorb the cost of all the fees and inspections? It will be passed on to the renters just as the property taxes are figured into the monthly rent. The landlords will still have equity in the property and tax deductions. All the tenants get is more expensive housing costs.

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Stegall wins Senate confirmation to Kansas Court of Appeals

As I understand it, under the old process a group of private lawyers picked the nominee for the judgeship. I think it was the Kansas Bar Association or some similar organization. The Democrats never did seem to have a problem with any of Kathleen's picks. Have you ever noticed that when the liberals don't get their way the first thing they do is run to a friendly judge to get something overturned or declared "Uncontitutional." Unconstitutional usually means the judge doesn't like the previous outcome.
Under the old system it looks like the lawyers were able to stack the deck when it came time for their appeals or other court proceedings. Think about it, a private organization with a large role in the justice system. Conflict of interest? Oh, i'm Shocked!

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Opinion: U.N. affiliate may sponsor 'modern-day slavery'

I wonder what the quality of the doctors is like compared to the US. I have always thought that doubling or tripling the class size in medical schools would do a lot toward lowering medical costs, but I'm sure the AMA and MDs in general would oppose it. The doctors first priority is to get rich and stay rich.

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Armored vehicle, recently bought by Lawrence police with federal grant, appearing on city streets

I think the campus police need to get one. You could put little Jayhawk decals on it.

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KU music professor wins Fulbright to study salsa and ballroom dancing in China

What a complete wast of money. Why would any taxpayer care about Chairman Mao's dance steps?

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Opinion: New Iran leader deserves a chance

I only want to comment on the USS Liberty and have one question. I met a former Sailor who was assigned to that ship when it was attacked. According to him there is no way the pilots could have mistaken the ship for anything other than an American vessel. He said the bombing and strafing went on for at least 20-25 minutes and no crew member will ever believe it was an accident. He also said they were in international waters and had every right to be there, even though they were there to monitor Both sides of the conflict. Even if the US and Israel have stated publicly that it was mistaken identity very few people who were there will ever believe it.
Just out of curiosity, why was this Mohammed Mosaddeq removed from power anyway?

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Farmers and ranchers asked to embrace drone technology

Not a good idea to shoot at any drone or aircraft. For one thing, that bullet will come down somewhere and might do damage or injury or even death. You would also be destroying someones's property, or in the case of a small drone, probably belonging to some wiz kid hobbyist. I remember a case years ago when some farmer took a shot at a low flying B52 with a 30-06 and actually hit it. He was caught and did time in Federal prison. The B52s and B47s used to throw out aluminum chaff, then drop to low altitude and elude radar. I used to find the chaff out in the pasture.

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Proposed budget would reduce free parking downtown, limit funding for retiree marketing

Lawrence has a lot to offer Rich retirees (KU Sports, good medical care, parks, etc.). Make no mistake about it, They want well heeled older folks. The idea is they will get attached to all the wonderful facilities and they will probably leave some money for a KU vanity building or something for the city. With the weather changing, Kansas might be the new Sunbelt. The lower income retirees will not show up or will be driven out by the cost of living.

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