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One person flown to area hospital after accident in Eudora

So the SUV struck the tree "Head-on?"

That means the tree and the car were headed for each other before they hit, right?

(As opposed to if they were headed the same direction and the tree stopped suddenly, causing the SUV to hit it from the rear.)

How can you tell which part of the tree is the front?

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Lawrence's Sacred Journey closed, under investigation by federal officials

Come on, Journal World, you owe us a little more on this story.

If K2 isn't illegal yet, why the raid?

What was seized, and why?

And yes, why in the world was Johnson County handling it?

It would seem as though there are three law enforcement agencies who have too much funding, too many people, nothing to do, and can't find any real crimes.

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Twisted view


Citing the Washington Times proves nothing. Washington Times is not news any more than Fox is. It's propaganda from Reverend Moon, a lunatic who claims to be the messiah. If that's where you get your news, no wonder you're so woefully misinformed.

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Vanity? Please

When thinking of George Will, remember a few years ago when some folks studied the predictions of a bunch of the major TV pundits and compared their accuracy to the guesses of Chippy the chimpanzee. Chippy, as might be expected, scored about fifty percent correct, but that was enough to beat George Will. So yes, when it comes to US and world affairs, George Will is dumber than a chimp.

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Secular freedom

Wouldn't it be fun to put a full page ad in the J-W with a huge "Allahu Akbar" headline? And a bunch of warm and fuzzy stuff about jihad and stoning sinners?

Then I'd sit back and watch all our favorite kneejerk right-wing rednecks jump and and defend the ad and whoever placed it because they believe so strongly in religious freedom for everyone.

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Selective concern

Tax cuts for the rich are welfare.

The 400 richest Americans paid about a 15% tax rate in 2007. How about you?

If you paid more than that, your money was taken away to be given to them.

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Key advisers

Sorry, meant to say as Merrill points out (not Bob).

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Key advisers

As Bob points out, the plans of the PNAC people that own and operate Bush are not secret. They put them on the web ten years ago for anyone to read, and they've followed through on them, and it's got us to where we are today. They got the wars they wanted.Now get ready for CNP, a cult of Dominionist Christians. Tim La Haye, James Dodson, Trent Lott, Grover Norquist, and many more. They meet in secret, and want no one to know what they're up to. But their goal is clear, just like the Taliban, to have the government run by the religion of their choice. They're the people behind Sarah Palin, and they think they own McCain, too. Elect him, and they'll think they've been appointed to run the country.

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Where's the outrage?

Jeez, Kevin, just registered yesterday and already 38 posts?I guess your new name means your last old name was kicked off, like all the others, huh? And, I guess business isn't doing so good, since you have so much time all of a sudden for your life's work convincing the world that everything bad is Clinton's fault.So many Bush-haters; so many people who need to be belittled and insulted. It's a big job, huh?Take some time off, get some counseling. Really.

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