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New Lawrence law up for vote would allow goats, sheep and bee hives

Amy it isn't that simple. You can own a home now and once this is passed your neighbor can become an "urban farmer"

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Letter to the editor: Do your job

Well said!

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Oregon and California trails remnant in Douglas County nominated for National Register of Historic Places

What does this mean to the surrounding land owners?
I know if a house is designated there in an "environs" area that also is affected.

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Lawsuit filed against city over denial of south Iowa Street shopping center

Mike Amyx was on the commission that told the KTen crossing group and the owners that if they met certain requirements that would be approved. So they spent hundred of thousands of dollars meeting every requirement. Then this new commission just changes their mind.
Sorry it doesn't work like that. It would be like you going to the grocery store with an understanding of what an item costs. But when you get to the register the cashier says sorry it costs twice as much. You ask why? The cashier says because I don't want you to buy it.
You can't just arbitrarily change the rules after you make an agreement.

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City delays final vote to deny shopping center at SLT and Iowa; issue of what city wants developed at intersection still unclear

I would like to know the education or training the city commissioners have that they are the ones that decide if auto related or retail or somethings else is appropriate for this ground.
Isn't that what commercial developers do for a profession. These developers wouldnt spend $100's of thousands of dollars to "hope" the project will work. They selected that site based on proven statistics and research.
At the time horizon 2020 was written was a different time economically and socially then today.
Most of us don't stay in the same houses, drive the same car, have the same job or even have the same color paint on our walls as when horizon 2020 was written.
Horizon 2020 is s guideline.
The commissioners are not experts
Instead of driving away the developers why don't you try a new strategy. If the commissioners truly believe, and can prove the retailers shouldn't be south of the SLT and they should be at Mercato or even out east across from Venture Park then why don't you incentivize them to go there? Don't drive them away with nonsense and negativity. Help them to stay!

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Kansas to consider tightening limits on local property taxes

I don't understand all the negativity. No matter if you agree with Luke or not don't you all want legislation that keeps our property taxes from being abused. There needs to be checks and balances.

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Your Turn: City earns anti-development reputation

I went to a Kc commercial conference just this Tuesday. Listened and spoke with many of the large development companies in Kc. Plus, financiers and investors. It was clear this last move for the commission to deny the retail developers after years of being told yes iced the cake. Lawrence definitely has a bad reputation. This has hurt us deeply. I was told we aren't the cool awesome Lawrence anymore. There are places like the Crossroads, the river market area, the west bottoms, west port that are cool and want businesses. Developers are looking there.
Plus, there is lots of industrial ground on Kc. Hope we don't run menards distraction out of town. They are wanted in Kc.

The other thing I learned was a better way to use incentives. They are incentives so use them to incentivize developers to come to Lawrence and develop on the areas you want. Since the planners and commission so desperately want retail development at Mercato then offer the incentives to be there and say no to using them in other areas. Be up front! Be proactive.

Lawrence is loosing our attractiveness. Without anykind of economic development our property taxes will keep going up. How do we all think all these wonderful amenities the city provides gets paid for? Commercial development whether we like it or not helps hold down our taxes. If we keep pushing everything away because it isn't exactly what is wanted, but it's close, then we as a community loose.

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Letter: Wrong plan

The state removed the historic environs? That's awesome.
Did the county removed the historic environs rules.
I love that homeowners want their homes on the historic registries. But the surrounding homeowners shouldn't be penalized.
If this is the way it is then can I tell my neighbor what yard art I want in their yard? Or to take better care of their yard? Etc.
don't get me wrong I love that older homes are being saved. But not every home should be.

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Patrick Ryan, chef-owner of Port Fonda, takes things slow at new Lawrence location

What hours is the restaurant open?

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