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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

Mr Flanders
My understanding the way the deed restriction is written there has to be a 100% agreement of all owners to get that change. There is a person in the lofts that has informed the Compton group they won't agree to the change. So yes it's a possibility but without 100% it won't happen.

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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

Mr. Flanders
Since you are an owner of one of the Hobbs Taylor Loft condos I am disappointed that you don't know that when the borders buildings and your Hobbs condos were developed there was a group that voiced their opinion about the negative effects your develop would have on downtown. Out of that discussion a deed restriction was placed on the borders book store building. One thing that can't go in there is a grocery store. So, Doug Compton has done his home work and knows what he can and can't do.
So, before you or anyone gets made at Doug remember every building, house, condo and apartment at one time a developer took the risk to develop and build these buildings. The Hobvs Taylor building wasn't a project that neighbors wanted in downtown. But, now you live in it and it all turned out ok. So, all you nay Sayers know at one time your house had to he built also.

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Town Talk: Work planned for Iowa Street this summer; roundabout for Bob Billings?

How will students walking to class get through such a high volume roundabout?
Someone will get hit.

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Retiree attraction effort launches marketing campaign

I represent R&H Builders that is building active 55+ townhomes in the Oregon Trail Subdivision in west Lawrence. Home are beautiful and designed to age in place.
We are ready for the retirees!
Call Mickey at Keller Williams Realty for details!

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Tax appraiser says home values up slightly, ag land values soar

David you pay property taxes on the sales commission when you buy a car, boats, motorcycles or any commission based product. You pay sales tax on the profit of every product you purchase.
I still don't understand why you are so angry about every topic that is talked about.

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Tax appraiser says home values up slightly, ag land values soar

David I am not quit sure off the point you are trying to make. That the house gets sold for under market value because the buyer wants to make the repairs themselves. That way the buyer knows the house is repaired the way the buyer wants. Plus, the seller gets their house sold at a price they agree too. Seems to me everyone is happy. Also understand realtors don't force anyone to buy and sell. Both parties agree to everything that happens in a transaction. That's why the county appraiser value in your rax statement has nothing to do with the value of your home. A house may have a lot of square feet, but May need structural repairs. It may need to sell for less so the buyer can do upgrades themselves. The next house maybe the same square footage but the seller needs to move very quickly and sells for less to dump the house and move on. Circumstances and each persons reason for buying and selling determine what the sells price will be. Not the county appraiser or the realtor.

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Tax appraiser says home values up slightly, ag land values soar

As a Realtor I hope everyone understands that your tax valuation has nothing to do with your retail sales price. The county appraiser does not look at each mortgage filed at the county. They use generalizations and assumptions to create values.
So, when buying and selling you can't use he county appraised value to price a house.

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Construction bids for Lawrence sewer plant come in higher than expected

David, what is an appropriate percent that would make you happy to allow the general contractors to make to build these large projects in town?
I will bet they make less than you think. So, what's your percent?

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Compton purchases former Borders Bookstore site; Incumbents, Rasmussen leading the pack in City Commission fundraising

Thank you Doug Compton! Now Checkers will be where it belongs in downtown Lawrence.

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Commissioners concerned about e-mail from Wicked Broadband; WOW introduces faster Internet service; update on cable TV changes in Lawrence

Ia friend of mine has been pricing internet services. Wow told him that base Internet this year will increase to $60 a month.
Then he called Wicked and decided to use them instead. He has called 4 times and either gets a voicemail or when they do answer they schedule an appointment and never show up. He wants to switch to Uverse but you have to have a satellite dish.
Internet services stink in this town.
I personally call wow every, I mean every month, because my bill is wrong.

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