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2 remaining City Commission candidates speak on upcoming issues; final decision to be made Tuesday

I don't understand this big obsession to save downtown shopping when the downtown store owners won't save themselves. I live blocks off downtown because I adore it. But, I can never shop there because when I go the stores are closed. More stores need to be open when most shoppers aren't working. Weekend mornings is a prime example. Lots of people come downtown for breakfast, farmers market and sometimes there is events. They wonder the streets. It's a lot of people. Not a store is open. So, those people go out south to shop.
I am tired of being asked to help those that won't help themselves.

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Just Food board alleges Farmer overpaid himself by more than $52,000; criminal charges being pursued

I am wondering what the board of directors was doing this whole time. Aren't they there for oversight? Isn't there a treasurer?
Maybe I don't understand what a board of directors does but, I thought they were there for checks and balances.

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Golf course, apartment developments under construction in northwest Lawrence; city commissioner gets graphic on Topeka sewage issue

Directly North of overland drive is not perry locomotion. Not until you get to the new golf course development. The subdivision, Oregon Trail Addition, is all Lawrence schools.

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Lawrence affordable housing conference explores ways to find funding for new housing options

Before we start charging fees or taxes, why not look at the processes used for the development process in the surrounding cities. In Kansas City, let's summit, Olathe they purchase ground for about the same price per acre and yet their lot costs are thousands, sometimes tens of thousands less. Before you development haters jump on this, no our developers aren't making more money. It's because KC uses TIF money to develop the roads and bring utilities to the property. Which if we did that our lot costs would be less expensive. You could reduce a house price from $5,000-$20,000 just by doing that. Amazing! What a place to start.
There are many systems in place like that that could help reduce housing costs if you are willing to just look and listen.
Let's do things that don't cost anyone money. Let's just streamline the system we have and make housing affordable.

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Latest homeless report shows increase in Douglas County numbers since 2013

How many of the homeless are from Lawrence/Douglas County compared to people coming from other cities to use our services? I have heard our services are better than other communities. Plus, so much is free that our shelter is becoming a place to come.
Just a question.

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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

Mr Flanders
My understanding the way the deed restriction is written there has to be a 100% agreement of all owners to get that change. There is a person in the lofts that has informed the Compton group they won't agree to the change. So yes it's a possibility but without 100% it won't happen.

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Doug Compton's latest project and the debate over downtown parking; high tech traffic solutions presented to City Hall

Mr. Flanders
Since you are an owner of one of the Hobbs Taylor Loft condos I am disappointed that you don't know that when the borders buildings and your Hobbs condos were developed there was a group that voiced their opinion about the negative effects your develop would have on downtown. Out of that discussion a deed restriction was placed on the borders book store building. One thing that can't go in there is a grocery store. So, Doug Compton has done his home work and knows what he can and can't do.
So, before you or anyone gets made at Doug remember every building, house, condo and apartment at one time a developer took the risk to develop and build these buildings. The Hobvs Taylor building wasn't a project that neighbors wanted in downtown. But, now you live in it and it all turned out ok. So, all you nay Sayers know at one time your house had to he built also.

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Town Talk: Work planned for Iowa Street this summer; roundabout for Bob Billings?

How will students walking to class get through such a high volume roundabout?
Someone will get hit.

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Retiree attraction effort launches marketing campaign

I represent R&H Builders that is building active 55+ townhomes in the Oregon Trail Subdivision in west Lawrence. Home are beautiful and designed to age in place.
We are ready for the retirees!
Call Mickey at Keller Williams Realty for details!

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Tax appraiser says home values up slightly, ag land values soar

David you pay property taxes on the sales commission when you buy a car, boats, motorcycles or any commission based product. You pay sales tax on the profit of every product you purchase.
I still don't understand why you are so angry about every topic that is talked about.

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