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City receives seven proposed sites for police headquarters building

Looks like most of the land is either way west or way east, then one south.
The south land at least could get around town quicker than way east or west.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

Schumm doesn't want to file a mortgage against the property. If the shelter defaults there is no repercussions.

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Bids for South Lawrence Trafficway come in low; work may begin by mid-October

Give up on the JE Dunn stuff. They build buildings not roads and bridges

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City voices support for $725k loan to shelter but wants further discussion of terms

Schumm says if they put a mortgage on the property it would send the wrong message.
Wait what?
Doesn't People's Bank have a mortgage on the property that the cities loan will pay off? What's the difference. Mr. Schumm a mortgage filed at the county helps protect the loan. That's why any bank that loans money files a mortgage.
This is Finance 101.
Also, why are construction costs $600k over budget? Didn't someone estimate the work before they started? Or did no one manage the general contractor on the job.
Sounds like this is going to be a city money pit.

Hey. I found $10 bucks in my pants pocket. Don't tell our city commissioners. I am sure they will tax me on it so they can waste it on another dumb project.

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Homeless shelter seeks $725,000 loan from city

Why doesn't Loring call is college buddy George Stephanopoulos. Grorge donated money to help him before. Call the rich guy!! Leave my tax dollars alone.

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Will young, healthy people purchase insurance under the Affordable Care Act?

This is a decision adults are making also. With many adults now under employed, purchasing insurance is a luxury. For many myself and many of my friends , and yes we are all have full-time jobs. We are self employee. We can't afford the insurance in this economy. I am a 51 year old woman, the quotes I just got are over $400 a month for basic no frills insurance. no dental, glasses and a $5,000 deductible. So, yes I can get insurance. Just can't afford it in this economy. So, I have to risk it and not get insurance or use the money to pay for gasoline, food and utilities.
We need to fix our economy!!

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Baker edges Ottawa, 25-24

Welcome to the Baker Family allgoodtoldya.
Cameron was as amazing as always!
Everyone is invited to come to a Baker football game.

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Ex-LHS, -FSHS stars set for Ottawa-Baker

Go Baker!
Lets beat Ottawa again this year in the County Line Clash!

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: The Days of Drag Strip Road

Tim is a great car mechanic. He maintains all my families cars.
A-1 over on Pennsylvania Street.

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Off the Beaten Plate: Cookie Monster Ice Cream at Sylas and Maddy’s

Love their ice cream!!!
Hate the malt ball. Maybe make an option for a gum ball.

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