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Lawrence lands on list of quirkiest cities in America; developers to meet again on future of Turnhalle building; group forms to support police HQ issue

Richard Heckler I never agree with you but I do now. I will vote no for the police station because of the location not because I don't think we need it.

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Letter: Afraid of growth

This is the smartest editorial I have read in a long time! You should say this to the commissioners.

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Tofu maker seeking location in rural Douglas County; city now looking at 0.2 percent sales tax proposal; City Hall discussion of payday loan regulations

Payday loans aren't as bad as credit card companies. One late pay and your interest rate jumps To over 19%.
Then if you don't watch they slowly add annual fees.
Credit card companies should be regulated heavily!

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Crunching the numbers on police HQ plan; still no update on firefighters negotiations; city wins grant for solar project

I don't see the 31st property even as a discussion. Looking at the numbers only, 31st is $1.9 million. Letting the fun center purchase the property they need it costs the city nothing.
I know people are concerned because there is wetlands on it. But, in large developments there has to be water retention areas built anyway. So, instead of a standing pool of water with mosquitoes, use a natural resource that as I have heard for 20 years it really valuable in this town. Isn't that what I have heard for 20 years trying to build the SLT. Save the wetlands.
Speaking of the SLT. This is a better location for the fun center. There is buffer ground between the hallmark land and I-70. So visibility from I-70will be low. But on the 31st street property they would right on it. No buffer zone. Plus, the police station would now be closer to future growth and the SLT to get around town. We are spending our tax dollars to build a new sewer treatment plant because the city knows that where future growth will be moving.
31st street property is also just off Iowa street. It's easy to split for the fun center, it's closer to future growth, easy access to the SLT, and it already has a water retention area that saves development money.
I say build on 31st street

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City moves closer to buying site for police headquarters, sales tax vote

Of course they buy the most expensive property. This commission loves to spend OUR money. I am for a new police station but not there. I will vote NO for the police station because of this choice. Venture park is free land. 31st street is closer to future growth and cheaper. If they want to partner with the fun center then 31st street is better. High visibility from the SLT and closer the were consumers will be spending money. Come on commissioners pull your head out and look at what you are doing with our tax dollars. Keep spending my money and I won't be able to keep shopping in your precious downtown Lawrence shops.
I vote No.

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Your Turn: Planning must respect community vision

I appreciate your concern for downtown. But,downtown also needs to take care of itself. I would love to shop downtown. I do as often as I can. But, it's never open when I am off work. I was downtown last Saturday at the farmers market. There were so many people eating breakfast and wondering the street it looked like lunch time on a Saturday. If businesses were smart they would be open, instead of making shoppers press their faces against the windows.

As for the concern about to much retail. Large retail developers do a feasibility study prior to proposing a development. They aren't going to randomly spend millions of dollars not knowing of they will get their money back. Along with a feasibility study they do a study to find out how much of Lawrence's retail sales are leaving Lawrence. Based on those studies by the developers and the stores wanting to come they know Lawrence will support this amount of retail development.
The developers picked that location because retail shopping likes to be by retail. Just like downtown. You shop in one store and since there is another one right next door you go in that one and so on and so on.
Lastly, it is disappointing our planning commission worked with the North Carolina developers for 18 months then said No, seems like someone in that department might have brought that up sooner.

I vote yes for more retail. It is at least more jobs and more retail tax revenue. Not the jobs we want but it's something. Look how well Venture Park is turning out. The police department doesn't even want to go own city owned property.
I say yes to jobs, and yes to sales revenue, that will help pay for all the crazy spending of our city commission

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City prepares to put $25 million police headquarters plan on November ballot

I will vote yes for the police station if they let us vote where they put it. During a commission meeting the police chief said he liked the hallmark land because drive times didn't matter. That when a policeman is on shift they work in an area of town. That's not true that the police get a call and they all run to their cars and rush to the scene, like what happens in a movie.
But now drive times are important.
I still believe the south location on 31st street. If drive times are now important then let's think about the future and where the town is growing.
I vote yes for the police station. I vote no for it's location.

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900-unit apartment complex wins key vote; the path forward for SLT shopping center; Hurst Fine Diamonds to close, move

I don't understand any of their logic.
900 apartments are okay! Even though we have rising vacancies in apartments.
Turn down retail on south iowa when that's the way the town will grow. They know that because they are building a sewer treatment plant to support southern growth.
They also want to put the proposed police station near I-70 on north iowa. When the town is growing to the south.
Come on city hall use some common sense.

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Price drops by $5 million on proposed Lawrence police headquarters

With the city growing South the property at 31st and Louisiana makes the most sense.
Retail development has plans to jump to the south side of the SLT. The city is building a sewer treatment plant to help with the growth to the south.
The whole property could be purchased and an addition of other city services could be added as needed.

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