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Kansas appeals court upholds developers' right to build downtown Lawrence grocery store

How about some positivity.
What if it’s a success? What if it takes a vacant building and brings more people downtown? Brings in more sales tax? Having lived near downtown on several occasions I believe it will be a success. I would have loved to walk to the store and bought fresh food on a regular basis.
Building more apartments downtown is great. More people downtown. More chances to purchase goods from the downtown stores.
I want to thank all the developers that risk millions of dollars. Spend months and years trying to bring more businesses and people to our city. No one else will take such great risks. I think people forget every house, street and building is in Lawrence today because someone was willing to risk something to build it. Yes, these developers can fail. But, without their willingness to risk we wouldn’t have the wonderful things this town enjoys.
So, I thank the developers for being in Lawrence and risking your money here. Instead of another town.
I know there will be haters that will crucifix me. That’s okay! Not everyone has a glass half full view of life!

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Letter to the editor: The true cost

I want to know what present of homeless and what percent in our jail are either from Kansas, douglas county, Lawrence or from out of state? Respectively.
I heard most of our homeless and people in our jail are from out of state.

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Editorial: Voters speak

I think it’s funny that the citizens passed all the tax increases while yelling they want affordable housing. With no real plan on how the money will be used to help with affordable housing.
Plus, an article in today’s paper says the city found more uncollected payments. Around $400,000!!
So, if I understand correctly. The voters gave the group that doesn’t know how to manage their money more unlimited money. Plus, there is no plan on how to use the money to help create affordable housing. Also, there hasn’t been a real study to know why they have the problem of a lack of affordable housing. (No it is not greedy builders and developers. It is s much larger economic and policy driven issue) knowing the problem is the first thing you do so you can figure how to solve the problem.
Finally, the citizens voted to raise taxes on the very people that need affordable housing.
All I can say is Good Luck!

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Lawrence City Commission to consider contract for affordable housing study

Very well said David!
I agree 110%
As a realtor working in new construction I listen to builders and developers talk everyday about a new regulation from the city for this or that. Each one will cost more money which is then rolled down to the buyer. The city does need to understand their part in this issue.

I also agree that you can’t solve a problem unless you know the problem to solve. What has our advisory board been doing? Why is this new tax the right way to handle the issue?

Thank you David!

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Faith group wants Lawrence residents to vote yes on affordable housing sales tax

So, we want to add a higher sales tax when people shop. So when builders purchase goods to construct homes it will cost more.
Hmmm! That doesn't make sense.

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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

Also, I thought the location was to be centrally located. Especially since the town will grow south and is growing eastward.
Seems like a poor locations

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Lawrence City Commission explains support for $17 million police headquarters

Why is the proposal okay to do without a public vote? When the last one needed public support.

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A look at what is in the city's proposed 2018 budget, and how much it will increase your taxes

Can someone explain why the queens road project reeuires a benefit district, which means special tax assessments on the surrounding home owners and 9th and 19th street projects don't?

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Your Turn: Editorial on Peaslee Tech was short-sighted

Shirley, well said, and thank you.

This city has a very short memory, and forgets the celebratory atmosphere when Peaslee opened, while citing its benefits.
The problem we have is this city doesn't have as its number one goal "Job Creation", and thus fails to realise. Peaslee's benefits.
There should be broad support for Peaslee by all.
I also believe that when school removed votech type classes from schools, it removed the opportunity for kids to try their hand at other opportunities in life. Not everyone is suppose to go to college. Some of the most successful people I know are the plumbers, electricians and HVAC people. There a huge need for more of them.

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Editorial: No to Peaslee balloon payment

Yes many construction companies and subcontractor companies donate every year'

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