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Editorial: Sidewalk repair

Does this ordinance also include all the old brick sidewalks? Do they have to go back brick? Like in old west Lawrence?
That could be expensive!!

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City moves forward with plan to make residents pay for sidewalk repair

So does this mean all the homeowners in the older neighborhoods need to pull up and rebuild their brick side walks also? They do gal under the same regulations?

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Current zoning could add 6,000 more apartments to Lawrence

Carol i would love for you to prove me wrong. Please share with me the proof that your statement is true. I have worked in the construction world for 20 years. I know for a fact your are wrong. Douglas county KS has brought on more of the of the international building codes then any other county in the state.

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Current zoning could add 6,000 more apartments to Lawrence

For the past 6 months I have had to live in one of the Stultz built apartments. I am embarrassed for Lawrence that we allow such cheaply built apartments.
Lawrence has such tight building and energy codes for single family homes. But, these apartments are built so poorly. The air conditioner isn't strong enough to cool the back of my apartment. So my bed is in my living room. I am the first one to live in this unit. The lament on the front of the cabinets was coming off when I moved in. Because the cabinets are so cheap. The towel bar won't stay on the wall. There is a switch in the bedroom for a light, but no light. The Windows don't seal shut so they fog up. That's just a few tings.
Ii am glad our city is truly concerned about the construction of housing our citizens live in. But, they are so narrowly focused on making homes more energy efficient they forgot to see if driving the price up is worth it for a buyer. We need affordable housing. So people don't have to live in apartments. Let's look at what regulations on housing are doing to the price of housing. Plus look at the lack of regulations on apartments.
That way more people can buy a home and get them out of these unregulated, poorly built apartments.

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Speed humps and traffic-calming circles to be installed in some Lawrence neighborhoods

Great idea Kevin! Plus, it's a less expensive solution!

I do have one question for Mr. Holyrod. Aren't you exhausted from being such a negative person? After all these years of reading all your negative posts I am tired. If Lawrence is such a bad place please just move. Find a place that makes you happy. Life is short.

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Fix-It Chick: Consider installing solar panels on your home

I understand that Westar also charges customers with solar panels more.
So, your return on you investment now takes 20 years instead of 12. That's if you purchase the panels. I heard it's much longer depending on your lease.

Being a realtor I can say that Ray is correct. Home buyers can have issues with taking over someone else's lease. It's the same idea as a pool. Most people just want to enjoy a pool not own it.

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What's the most important thing a downtown area needs to be successful?

I love going downtown. But the stores need to be open at night, open sooner weekend mornings, and open Friday and Saturday night.
Be open when the people that work 8-5 M-F can shop.

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KU still tallying total cost of massive internet fiber cut, weighing options for preventing a repeat outage

I want to know why if KU relies so heavily on Internet why it doesn't have s back up plan. Most large businesses that use the Internet have a back up plan. I have 2 sons that work at Ku. They didn't miss a day of work. They actually picked up the phone and called people instead of sending emails. What an idea.
There are so many ways to loose Internet service and KU doesn't have a plan. This seems like a KU problem. There may have been a contractor error but things happen.
Why is no one asking KU why it failed its staff and students by not being more prepared.
Secondly in past articles Ku stated they lost the Alaska school district testing due to this failure. If you google the Alaska schools newspaper it clearly states they were going to dump Ku anyway because the testing results where inconclusive. Same thing with the Wichita schools testing that was also done by Ku through the Internet.
So I think Ku is on a witch hunt.
Instead of admitting they aren't prepared. they want yo blame everyone but themselves.
Accidents happen. Ku what are you going to do if there is power outage, an Internet hacker or your internet provider screws up?
Get over yourselves Ku!

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New Lawrence law up for vote would allow goats, sheep and bee hives

Amy it isn't that simple. You can own a home now and once this is passed your neighbor can become an "urban farmer"

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