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Should illegal immigrants receive tougher penalties for committing crimes?

The director spotlighted in the Lawrence paper recently whose movie will be at Sundance. She was killed because she complained about noise. The person making the noise was illegal and didn't want police attention.

Being illegal does change ones outlook on life. First, not everyone will cross the border illegally, then to live here always looking over one's shoulder. I believe I would be paranoid and consider everyone who looks at me a potential snitch.

I do believe that anyone who commits a crime while in a country illegally should bear the full weight of the law. I was in an English speaking third world country recently at a cyber cafe. Two men speaking French were using the next computer. One left. The attendent hollered at the remaining one. STAND UP. STAND UP. I don't believe he understood her. But she hollered enough that he did understand she was talking to him. WHY DID YOUR FRIEND TAKE THE CELL PHONE? That is what businesses [and everyone] use. Security was there immediately and took him away. I assume the other man was his translator and not a friend. I do hope he was there legally. Otherwise he could disappear for a long time.

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Woman pleads guilty, avoids death penalty

How inane is that? Plead guilty and avoid the death penalty OR if actually innocent, plead innocent and be given the death penalty.

Germanic justice again. Doesn't matter if you have the right person so long as you have a person.

Kansas law is the same. Plead innocent to a heinous crime and you are eligible for the death penalty if convicted. Plead guilty, even if innocent, and you will live.

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'Dodos' to help mark Darwin birthday

Even those, like me, who consider evolution logically inane, do not "see science and faith as being incompatible."

Science became a discipline because the first, and succeeding, scientists believed God's creation was perfectly organized and could, and should, be studied.

True believers of evolution, I believe, are the only people who believe science and faith are incompatible. And they will shout it until everyone else is cowed. And then they will believe they have conquered. Like the bully in the neighborhood.

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Few heed Operation Rescue's call for abortion protest

"We are just really angry we are still having to defend women's rights . . ."

What about women's rights to know? To be offered anesthetic so the baby aka fetus doesn't feel the pain of dismemberment?

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Submissions for bridge repair open Tuesday

FYI: Trash pickup will be 2 1/2 hours earlier in Lecompton during the bridge closing to allow for the extra driving time.

What time will they have to pick up the kids south of the river? Or do they all transfer to Lawrence schools for now?

Which way to go? Through Lawrence or to Topeka and north?

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Sedgwick County prosecutor says Tiller reported suspected sexual abuse

"Dr. George Tiller had properly reported suspected cases of child sexual abuse to authorities."

Did she say what the "authorities" did with the reports? Inquiring minds want to know if any of them were child abuse and prosecuted. Or just how far did those investigations go.

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Outgoing prosecutor: Go after Tiller

Statistically it is people who can afford transportation who decide they don't want their babies and if they don't want them, no one can have them.

I remember the statement years ago [1980's] that abortion would lower the cost of welfare because poor people would abort their children.

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On the records: Patient privacy concerns new AG

How many cases Kline has won is rrelevant to me at this point. Leave that to Johnson County to sort out. I was trying to determine if "stymied" applied to any case that doesn't come to trial?

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Lawrence cases in limbo as Kline leaves

I will have to check out the firings. Still haven't heard about them.

And if by "he is a loser" you meant he lost the election, thanks for clarifying. The term "loser" is used very loosely these days.

Just like the word "owned" I learned it can mean someone beat you at something -- a game or a point in an argument?

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New state board tackles evolution immediately

"Here are the 1994 science standards which include evolutionary theory

The link didn't make it. And I couldn't locate the 1994 standards at Could you help me out? I was going on other people's opinions and will admit I was wrong if I see it.

Also, you used opinions one person had of another or the reporters choice of words, not quotes, to support your argument. Mine were actually stated by the person quoted about themselves or what they knew. That is: One has credibility if one states their own belief and facts to support, but one doesn't have credibility if one says " their intent . . . "

You stated your own inferences from what you read. I apologized for using the word "never" and asked for your response to the quotes. How is that lying? I used two quotes [because people won't read much more] and provided the source for you to get the context.

I apologize. I guess I don't know how to discuss ideas in this venue.

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