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Where's sanity?

Is part of the lack of "faith" in what cannot be seen due to the fact that many don't have close communications with believing grandparents anymore? Maybe my dear departed elders were totally incorrect. But the quiet confidence they had in their Lord was palpable - influenced, not by parents any longer, but by the experiences of a long life. If I am half as full of peace as they were as I reach my final days, I will owe it to them and the faith they lived. A faith as real as the morning sun.

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State response

Congress? Do something? They are the reason our military is so small it needs the National Guard. They built it up a little in the 80's but that didn't last long. "We don't need a strong military now that the Cold War is over." Got a letter from Boyda saying we need . . .to pull back from Iraq in order to have the military strength we might need if a crisis comes along.

So, what one Congress determines is a crisis isn't a crisis anymore when another Congress comes along and we weren't ready for the first one, but we have to get out so we are ready for the next?

In this Congress, that is called reasoning? logic? or something else?

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Inspiring event

Was the meeting "sustainable?" Did they have paper handouts? With ink on it? Were the lights on? Did people drive to the meeting? Did anyone use the bathroom?

I guess I don't understand why row houses are more sustainable? They could be very wasteful depending on who lives in them and how they are built. And downtown as the core business area -- that would mean a lot more driving for those near other shopping areas. And cars idleing looking for a parking space. Or would you fill up the surrounding area with parking garages? Or make everyone take the bus?

I have been in one of the sustainable cultures. We were at church with 500 people and there were three cars in the parking lot. Everyone walked or took the local transportation. But you know what? If the drivers of the local transportation don't pay protection money every day, they are murdered. Sustainable cultures spend many hours of each day walking, gardening, marketing, etc. So, what happens is that each person is not valued by others. They don't accomplish anything more than sustaining their life and the lives of some of their children, which is valuable.

When they come here to study, they are amazed. As one gentleman told me a month ago, "You are able to accomplish things even when the weather is bad -- in the winter. In my country, the weather is the same all the time, and we can't accomplish things."

They can't accomplish anything because the roads become impassable when it rains. People can't ride their bicycles to the local market with their produce so it spoils with no refrigeration. Sure they eat fresh food -- when it is available, otherwise they are hungry.

We went to the medical clinic when my son got sick. We were lucky to be in a town with a clinic and we had a car. Some people travel many days by cart to the nearest clinic.

But they are a wonderful people. There isn't much trash because they don't have anything they don't use again and again. They want a better life. There are no telephone lines to most areas so many of them have cell phones. You see a man pulling a cart made from the axle and bed of a truck and he is talking on his cell phone. We talk about how many times the cell phone has saved us trips to town. I can't imagine how much it is helping them as they go about their daily work.

With communications comes better information. They have two newspapers, the pro government paper and the opposition paper. Everyone buys both -- if they read -- to get a better perspective on the news. With phones comes the ability to talk to more people -- to learn things. To hopefully quell rumors, to hopefully stop some of the pervasive corruption of the courts, the police, the government employees.

With sustainability comes great need. We want to go back -- certainly not that far. We will do what is convenient for us -- someone else has to do the rest, by force? if necessary?

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U.S. frees 42 kidnapped by al-Qaida

"Why don't we free the several hundred held illegally at Gitmo by W in his king George persona? I understand he doesn't understand human rights, why don't we?"

Okay, this one got me. Do you realize how many prisoners we held "illegally" by your definition inside the U.S. during WWII? We had POW camps all over the U.S. including Kansas. Prisoners of war are held until the war is over. Can you understand why? Do you care as much about the thousands we are probably holding in Iraq?

And Abu Graib, have you read reports of what happened there during Hussein's rule? Underwear on the head and dogs getting close and being naked in front of a woman are a cake walk compared to what had happened in that prison. And who did we suspect we were holding? People who had DONE what used to happen all across Iraq. They don't need to learn it from an Al Qaida training manual - they were pros at it before Al Quaida even existed.

And while we sit at our computers, they are still doing it. Right now, people are hanging from the ceiling by their arms, innocent people most of them, people in the wrong place at the wrong time, there for the enjoyment of their captors. There for the fear it instills in the rest of the population. You want to know why the people of Iraq aren't "snitching" more than they are? Are they safe? Will they be safe? They listen to the news from America and Europe. They can't take the chance that we will leave. Their lives depend on being as inconspicuous as possible.

But it is a false hope. When people capable of such atrocities take control again in Iraq, no one is safe. In the middle of the street in broad daylight, you might be told to kneel and your head is separated from your body with the stroke of a sword. In the wrong place . . . at the wrong time.

Oh . . . but we can santimoniously say, we aren't responsible for any more deaths in Iraq. And . . . we will never be told. So, by our warped world view that "there is no such thing as truth". it won't be happening because we won't know.

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What Kansans said about the Iraq resolution

Let's give up! I should have given up on my kids when they became teenagers. Why fight the battle? I will give up on my health as I age. Why fight the battle I see my parents fighting?

Why fight the battle? Because the outcome matters, guys and gals. It is not for oil, it is not for four years, it is not for you. It is for a safe tomorrow. I believe that with all my heart. It is the same reason we should have defended continental Europe before WWII. You fight the little battles [and Iraq is a little battle except for those caught in the middle of it] so you don't have to fight the big battles. We should have defended ourselves in Beirut, in Somalia, in Kenya. We should have cared that people died then. But we are at heart full of ourselves. It only matters if they are American. And then if they are in a business tower it still doesn't matter cause they are the evil "big business." Are you condemned to live out the attitude in Germany? They came for all the others but I wasn't one of them. And when they came for me, no one was there to defend me.

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President is regaining political strength

You are kidding! Aren't you?

Do you have kids? Try raising them with "hind"sight. Hindsight is different than learning from your mistakes. It is "if I knew then, what I know now, I "would" have done . . ." So? It is how that informs your decision today that is relevant. I can't figure out what hindsight has "taught" Mrs. Clinton except that she made a mistake then and wanted a do-over. Sorry. Doesn't work that way. There are no do-overs in real time.

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War deadline is worst strategy

I only have one disagreement with this article. EVERY president until the final victory is a "lousy" commander in chief. From Washington, to Lincoln, to Roosevelt. Americans have been as fickle as we are since the beginning!

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President is regaining political strength

WAR: You lose a LOT of battles before the victory. Because the people you are fighting are also trying to win. [revolutionary war, civil war, WWI, WWII were mostly lost until the victory. Korea and Vietnam don't count because losing battles there meant you gave up the whole shooting match. I am beginning to believe it is because of the generation who fought WWII. They know and can't put their grandchildren and great grandchildren into a war. They would rather give them up than have them fight. Although that isn't what they think will happen. The bad guys will just go away if we pretend they aren't there.]

WAR: When the opponents control the information, no good news gets out. When the proponents control the information, no bad news gets out. Which means there is usually some of each. You decide which we are getting now.

WAR: You can't fight it with good hindsight. [Can't imagine how many things Senator Clinton would change given all the "hindsight" she has now.]

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What Kansans said about the Iraq resolution

You cannot believe you voted for Boyda? She is doing exactly as she said she would. She couldn't vote any differently on this issue.

When you vote for a democrat you vote for an automaton. They cannot vote counter to the leadership without permission. For example: a pro life democrat cannot vote prolife on anything that matters. Supreme Court, committee chairmanship, cabinet position. They must vote pro choice or lose any chance they have for making their mark in Washington.

Same thing to a lesser degree for the Republicans. Vote for the party you mostly agree with. Voting for the individual is bogus these days and probably always was.

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Britain admits prior knowledge of CIA prisons

I do wonder how long these detention centers have existed. Seems likely the CIA has used this type of facility for a long time and that other countries could also use them. Kind of like a United Nations of espionage holding tank.

Those of us who believe in one world justice should probably view this as a precursor of things to come if we get our way.

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