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Man to be retried in 2006 Lawrence murder

yes, although death penalty convictions are rare in Kansas.

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Sound Off: Parking ticket

All of the meters downtown list the hours on them, inside the glass, right below the time.

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Sound Off: A friend of mine insists that volleyball is an American game, but I know it to be a Frenc

Google would have been quicker than submitting a question and waiting for the answer.

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Town Talk: Esquina to close in downtown Lawrence, St. Louis-style Italian restaurant to take its place; City Hall to pay company's moving expenses; tougher tow regulations on tap for Lawrence

I agree, I loved the original menu of Esquina...the last time I went there, I walked in, looked at the new menu and left. I loved the choose three tacos, once they changed their concept, I think they lost a lot of customers.

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Town Talk: Local housing values look to be on the decline; traffic calming near new Dillons; the best locally owned restaurant in Topeka is … in Lawrence

Have you driven through that area, the concern from Barker neighborhood residents (at least my family that live there) is not the traffic driving down those streets it is that there is not enough parking at Dillon's for employees so New Hampshire, 17th Terrace and 18th Street are packed on both sides with cars. Today while driving down New Hampshire, I had to block the turn into Dillon's to allow a car to pass because both sides were full and the street is too narrow for two cars to pass each other. Of course the person was turning into Dillon's so it took some careful maneuvering to get around each other. There are so many cars on the already narrow streets (many of the houses do not have driveways which means they lose the street parking they need to park at their own house), it is hard to get in and out of their driveways. I don't know what area of town you live in, but I am going to guess that if your street was completely packed all day with cars, you would be frustrated too.

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Euro-trashed: KU ‘humbled’ by French

Why does this article say the score was 74-73 while the KU Sports website states the score was 79-60. Big difference there.

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Douglas County Fair, Aug. 2, 2012

awesome gallery of 5 pictures!

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Two Lawrence men arrested after altercation at Sixth and Kasold shopping center

There food is fantastic, but I rarely ever go there because they are so slow, even calling ahead is not an option because they won't start the food until you get there to pick it up. Every time I go, I wait for at least a half an hour for carryout. Once I was so hungry that I went over to Jimmy Johns and ate a sandwich while I waited, then went to Astro's and had a beer, then back to Thai Siam and still waited for another 15 minutes. Delicious, but they would have a lot better business if they would speed up a notch (or 20).

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Heat doesn't squelch Party in the Park

9 and a half months pregnant?

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Basehor man dies in motorcycle wreck near Linwood

I am also a nurse, and while I haven't had any trauma surgeons tell me the difference between wearing a helmet and not, but I would say that deciding to wear a helmet should be a given. Even if the odds are not great with someone traveling at a high rate of speed, we both know that someone can die in a crash going 5 mph if they hit their head right, causing hemorrhaging or swelling (such as a coup and contrecoup injury). I would rather take the odds that the helmet could absorb some of the shock and decrease the risk for intracranial swelling over the most likely immediate TBI or death any day.

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