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Reader disputes view of Kochs

This was intended as a reply to ihatelv's hatred of Lawrence hippies, not the article writer! The article is brilliant.

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Reader disputes view of Kochs

Feel free to leave, then. Don't let the door hit you where the Lord split you.

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Not this time: KU falls to UK, but not without a fight

How far did your team get in the tournament? I'll bet they're the ones that choked against Norfolk State.

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Heartbreaker in New Orleans

Hey, gotmylimitofjhawks, you see that light at the end of the SEC tunnel? That's a train, bearing down on Mizzou. It's hilarious that you think simply joining the SEC makes Mizzou an SEC-caliber school. It's also hilarious that you think KU fans are jealous of Mizzou, For what, exactly?

Oh, well...good luck and good riddance.

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