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My wife and I both took our vehicles here for the first time on Christmas Eve around 4pm. We were the only 2 vehicles in line and we were communicating via cellphone to pick the wash packages we would purchase. After a few minutes an older gentleman employee approached our vehicle and immediately was confrontational. He asked us what the problem was and why were we just sitting there. I kindly explained to him that the vehicle behind me (my wife) and I were together and were just deciding which package to select. Apparently he didn't understand that for some reason and continued to raise his voice and said that the woman behind me (again my wife) would probably like to get her car washed and that I shouldn't just sit there and block the lane. I explained to him once again that she was my wife (pointing to the car behind me) and said that we weren't blocking anyone as we were the only people in line. He kept up his nonsense mumbling and eventually walked away. He did not seem coherent at all. I found out after the fact that while my wife was pulling into the automated car wash that the same guy began to spray the vehicle and then started yelling and pounding with full force on her window, while very poorly trying to explain how to drive through the car wash (neutral, foot off brake) which were words he never used. He just yelled turn at her to turn her steering wheel and other things that didn't make sense. Eventually another employee had her roll down her window and explain the process to her. My wife had never been in one of the automated car washes before that pull the car with the conveyer. Also, since the old man was spraying the vehicle she could not see the sign to the left that said Neutral, foot off brake, etc... I know how these types work and remember not being able to see the sign because of the heavy spraying. The confrontational, incoherent man must have been in his 70's or older. Not sure if this was the owner an employee. Either way he needs to retire / be let go because you should NEVER treat customers this way. Our cars were cleaned well but customer service SUCKS! This guy was a complete A-hole to my wife and I and has no business being in the workforce. We will never go back again!

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9/11 fire truck leaves humbling impression

DRsmith, your comment is extremely disrespectful to all Americans who lost their lives on Sept. 11. If you don't like living in this country maybe you should try Afghanistan instead.

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State reminds drivers of Turnpike storm shelters

There is also a tornado shelter in the Post Office on Vermont and at the Hyvee on 6th.

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

The world would be better off if Brownback's parents used contraception.

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Rapes reported in 2011 at 6-year low

Still far to many as far as I'm concerned. I know it's unrealistic that there won't be any sex crimes of any nature but in my opinion in a city of this size that is still far too many.

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Brownback expresses confidence in private arts funding

You just proved my point that he's a jackass. It's the Republicans like him that caused this economic mess to begin with so how would you ever think he could fix it!? He likes it just the way it is.

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Statehouse Live: Brownback defends signing into law controversial abortion measures

Brownback is an ironic name since he's actually white trash.

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Brownback expresses confidence in private arts funding

Who are the morons that voted for this jackass!?

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Brownback tells Kansas Regents to improve higher education but not to expect extra funding

Our standards for elected officials need to be raised! Brownback is the epitome of ignorance!

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Downtown Lawrence merchant group asking customers to stop giving money to panhandlers

You're missing the point scribe, these people are not being treated like human beings and handing them info cards is not going to get them help. If people want to give them money then it is their decision. You nor anyone else can grasp the reality that is the day to day for these people, or what circumstances landed them in the situations they are in. If these organizations want to help they can seek out these people and offer them help. Maybe it would turn the situation around for them. Obviously the current mindset of most people hasn't brought about any positive change in these people's lives. One kind word can make all the difference.

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