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School district cuts bus routes that served more than 1,000 students

The idiots in Topeka can't find the money to fund our schools, but they can find an additional 38 million dollars to keep the state house renovations going?

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Xavier Henry calls news conference for 11:15 a.m. Thursday to announce college choice

Nice set up. Next time, take the microphone off of the camera or out of your pocket & put it on the table. pathetic

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Unseemly bonus

How come I have to provide my name if I want to submit a letter to the editor but the award winning LJW won't put the author's name on their own editorials?

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Youngsters shouldn’t overlook outdoors, CEO says

"And I didn't see the thorns until I was inside the grove."

Ok, you say you didn't SEE the thorns until it was too late, and I can buy that. But didn't you FEEL the thorns the instant they pierced your flesh?

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Youngsters shouldn’t overlook outdoors, CEO says

..."Well I slid between the two bushes and I was suddenly surrounded on all sides by locust bushes. In essence, I had walked unwittingly right into the middle of a small grove of young trees (7 foot tall). I knew I could not go backwards cuz the trees had closed behind me. I felt like a fly in a Venus Fly Trap. There was no way out."

..."Imagine sliding between two of these and suddenly finding yourself in the middle of five (growing in a star formation), the branches close in around you."

I'm just trying to get a better idea of the predicament you were in... So the thorns on this pentagram of death were growing in such a way that they were pointing toward the inside of the trap allowing for a smooth and painless entry but preventing free passage to the rest of the hostile nature surrounding you? Kind of like a lobster trap?

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Youngsters shouldn’t overlook outdoors, CEO says

...I was actually trapped by a grove of locust plants and was unable to leave without some serious scratches to my legs.

Wow, did they steal your wallet?

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Pickets go down at KC's Arrowhead Stadium

..."The cement masons were asking for a very small increase and were willing to suffer a few days pay in this horrible economy to be compensated fairly for the very hard, labor intensive work that they do"

So they didn't know what they were being paid BEFORE they started the job? Perhaps if the work is too hard or labor intensive for them, they could find a new line of work?

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Downtown Lawrence Inc. wants higher parking rates, fines

kmat says:
It may make the super cheat skates park at the garage or in one of the free lots you people seem to forget exist...

LMAO! Someone please tell me what a "super cheat skate" is.

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Did you play with marbles as a child?

All the neighborhood kids played with Marbles. They'd go over to his house after school and on the weekends. I told them not to go, but they wouldn't listen to me. The cops came and took Marbles away one day. Never did find out what happened to him.

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Assembly waging giant wars on miniature scale

They have blown this all out of porportion.

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