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Wind chill warning continues; Clinton Lake Dam road closed

glcookie06 says..."you all take it for granite"
Wait a minute. I thought the discussion was about snow removal, not countertops.

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Mangino denies validity of former player allegations

Oldenuf2b: "We hadn't won a bowl game in over 25 years before him".

1995 Aloha Bowl KU 51 UCLA 35

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Not-so-gentle reign

Nobody likes to play football. Nobody.

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If the government can ban smoking, can they ban cheese fries too?

You can choose whether or not to order the cheese fries and vodka.. Your lack any self control doesn't affect me, but your smoke does.

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Do you support Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson's proposed statewide ban on smoking in public places?

Sitting in the dark in your mom's basement posting ignorant drivel may be a fun pasttime or a serious hobby, but it is definitely not a business. So you have nothing to worry about. Well...

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What would you do with a quarter of a billion dollars?

Is that about how much it would take to get 2 chicks to double up on a dude like you?

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Driver in Jaeger case says defendant broke victim's window, entered apartment

Wad, did you happen to be the vice presidential candidate in our last election?

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Road resurfacing to wait for Ironman

Come on! I thought these were Iron Men (& women). A little goopy asphalt & loose gravel should be nothing to be concerned with!

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Despite state budget problems, statehouse renovations still going forward

Ok, since the previous homeowners did not keep my bathroom "up to speed" I should have gone on with my remodeling project and neglected more critical issues? Then when SRS came and took my kids away due to neglect, I could have blamed the previous homeowners for not maintaining the house?

The problem is not the cost of renovating, it is that the state does not have the money for the project at this time.

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Despite state budget problems, statehouse renovations still going forward

When I was remodeling my bathroom a few years ago and ran out of money mid project guess what? I had to stop wok until I had the money to continue. I finished remodeling my bathroom but it took longer than I originally planned. However, my family remained fed & clothed, and my bills were paid. I don't have any problem with restoring the statehouse, but not while we don't have the money for more critical services.

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