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Site collecting pay data for adjunct instructors; not much info on KU yet

64% adjunct professors seems crazy!!! IF KU is even close to this, I don't see how they keep their AAU affiliation.

Do you think if tenure went away at universities, we could eliminate it at primary and secondary schools also? It serves absolutely no purpose anymore.

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Sound Off: Additional classrooms

HA! My child's class went from 18 students in 3rd grade to almost 30! The classrooms vacated by the 6th graders went to special need children...ALL THREE ROOMS!

Kids are compressed into the room/tables and administrator(s) respond with 'insufficient funds' for teachers - which may be true - although last year they hired a new teacher to address this unique class bulge...anyway - it's not apparent (at least at our school) that the 'plan' to free up space for the elementary schools was coordinated with hiring of teachers.

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