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As Briggs prepares to move out of Sears building, rumors heat up that Dick's Sporting Goods will be moving in

American Eagle did not survive. It closed a few years ago.

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U.S. Supreme Court strikes down voter registration law similar to the one in Kansas

Now maybe we can change Kansas law.

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Letter: Energy folly

Nope. I've used E-85 for over 5 years. With gasoline priced at $3.50 per gallon, my cost was .193 cent mile when using gasoline. When using E-85, at a cost of .60 cents per gallon under gasoline, my cost was .179 cents per mile.

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Letter: Energy folly

Nope. I've used E-85 for over 5 years and with gasoline priced at $3.50 per gallon my cost was .193 cents per mile when using gasoline. When using E-85 priced at .60 cents less than gasoline my cost was .179 cents per mile.

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Letter: Energy folly

Yes you have to refill more often. But, there is a savings because the costs per gallon is less. It's hard to see this with E-10 or E-15, but it is easy to see with E-85 where the cost can be as much as .60 cents per gallon less than gasoline..

It does not use more energy to produce than its generates. You may have overlooked the value of the by product that is fed to livestock. This ends up meaning lower food costs for beef.

Yes there are subsidies, but the same can be said for the oil industry.

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Lawrence gas station owner gets caught up in national battle with Big Oil over future of ethanol

I have owned a flex-fuel vehicle for over 5 years. I have never had any problems with peformance. I use E-85 when it cost me less per mile to operate my vehicle. I use gasoline when it is lower per mile than E-85. Yes, I do get less miles per gallon with E-85 than gasoline. But, depending on the cost of corn, I have paid about .60 cents per gallon less than the price of unleaded gasoline. With that much of a spread, it is cost effective to use E-85. Lately, E-85 has been only about .20 cents per gallon less than gasoline. Becasue of this narrower spread, I am now using gasoline.

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Revenue Secretary Jordan says income tax cuts are key to budget deadlock

My suggestion to NIck Jordan. Get over yourself. The rest of the country really does give a rats xxx what Kansas is during.

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City Hall report finds firms with tax abatements exceeding expectations

The reporting of the $10.7 million in equipment is no longer relevant, as the law has changed that now makes equipment 100% exempt from property tax. Thus, when it goes back on the tax roles it will not be subject to tax. While the businesses did receive a tax abatement on the original equipment, they will not have to pay property taxes when the abatement period ends.

It would be interesting to know how the cost/benefit analysis would have worked out had it been known at the time that this equipment would not be taxed after the abatement period.

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Letter: Debt load

Anytime or anyone who borrows money to buy something is engaging in "deficit spending". It doesn't matter whether you are buying a new home, a car or in the case of the federal government military equipment, federal highways, or federal offices.

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Letter: Debt load

This thread is about Lawrence debt not the national debt. My point is that many of the same local people who complain about the national debt seem to think its OK for local governments to incur debt. Or for that matter don't even understand that they can have deficit spending.

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