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School board makes start on cuts

make_a_difference (anonymous) says…

"I know that KU used to have a volunteer program run by students (my daughter volunteered & co chaired her entire four years) that is called "Music Mentors". It's a program that coordinates college students who go into the junior highs & provide music instruction after school for interested private lessons. These college students have the desire & passion to continue to share their music & skills...they are dedicated to what they do & the students they work with."
YES--KU still offers this program. Here is the contact info link:

For what it's worth--KU has many volunteer programs people may not know about.

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Some parents not against closings at last forum

Certain board member's arguments for keeping the administrative building open (such as: it has offices, library resources and a warehouse) sounded pretty silly after countless arguments made by parents--and these SAME board members--that "buildings" don't matter when they were discussing closing schools!

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Shield students


Thank you for your second post. I believe we all want what's best for our kids.

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Shield students

Dear Rivercitymom-

Please get off your high horse! I’ve lived in ‘East’ Lawrence neighborhoods for over 30 years. Have I heard a few parties taking place—sure. Have I picked up a few beer cans out of my yard—sure. However, to categorically characterize East Lawrence as a pot smoking, beer and sex party is so unbelievably ludicrous! Any decent point you were trying to make was lost the second you attacked an entire side of town. There are families over here too—happy and healthy ones—with safe children. Spare us all your judgments!

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District has options for budget cuts, none painless

Programs are getting cut NO MATTER WHAT!
Closing schools won't stop this from happening.
Ask the superintendent yourself--I have.

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Top Heavy USD 497

You should attend the next school board meeting and give them your suggestions.

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