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Psychedelic trips aid cancer patients in NYU study

What happens when the lovely turns into the terrifying?

A few milligrams of prevention...just take your LSD or mushrooms with MDMA and it is pretty much impossible to have a bad trip.

All of these drugs cause organic brain damage, but you are dying of cancer soon anyway.... right?

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Driving decency

You guys think JoCo drivers are bad... what about all of those drunk 90 year old asian women who text and put on their makeup while california rolling stop signs with the turn signal blinking all fast because the other one is out and they have four hundred old coffee cups on the dash and no muffler and you just know you are a better person than them and everyone else who ever drove a vehicle.

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Legislative leaders concerned Lawrence court case could endanger limits on pain and suffering awards

Bozo says...

Which was set in 1988 dollars. At the very least, inflation should be factored in, which would be about $434,000 by 2007. Medical inflation was at least half again as much over that period, so let's round it off at $650,000.

Cooky says...

...because "medical inflation" hurts like hell.

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K2 proponents urge lawmakers to think twice before banning marijuana-like substance

Forget K2 and buy the pure stuff (JWH-018 and JWH-073) online before it is banned in Kansas. Chemical manufacturers sell it for like $30-40 a gram without all of the worthless plant material. It will work great for all of you marijuana addicts who have to get a job or stay out on parole or whatever. Maybe smoke it in bowl of something from Teapouro.

March 30, 2010 at 12:58 a.m. ( | suggest removal ) to close Wednesday as settlement talks continue with KU, Kansas Athletics

JackKats, you have an utter lack of understanding of copyright and trademark law.

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Abortion 'care'

I watched the "sonigram abortion" video, rtwngr. I would not recommend it. It was really boring, and it won't change anyone's mind. There are much better snuff films out there. I double dare you to check out some sniper montages out of Iraq. They have cool soundtracks. Also, I have much more sympathy for the soldiers being killed than I do for the quasi human tissue in the "sonigram."

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Kansas House approves bill to regulate strip club industry

edjayhawk says...

Two Teens: He is 17 she is 15. They have been going out and dating like any other couple. He gets brought up on sexual predatory charges. This is wrong. No harm was ever attempted.

Cooky says...

Does "going out and dating like any other couple" mean having sexual intercourse?

Does "brought up on sexual predatory charges" mean charged with statutory rape?

That would make a lot more sense.

I don't think people get charged with sexual predatoriality (?) for going to the movies and sharing popcorn.

Wait.... did this happen at a strip club?

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Nation must see racist acts for what they are

Ann Coulter is hilarious. She deserves some credit for her performance art. She may have blonde hair, but she is smart and can push people's buttons with the best of them. There are much better B-words to describe her than "bimbo."


Thanks for slapping down that "Constitution goood, government baaaaad" moron.

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School board president wants to stick by plan not to close schools for next year

What we really need to do is grow some weed and sell it, then put all of the proceeds from the taxes into the schools. Make weed legal, then do that. I mean, you know what I mean. Legalize weed, tax it, sell it, give the tax money to schools, not all of the money, keep most of it, give the tax part to schools. Wait.. what were we talking about? Lionbacker, your post sucks, man.

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U.S. acting like enemy, not friend, of Israel

"Jews created AIDS and descend from monkeys and pigs"

I am pretty sure I read that in my clowning textbook, too.

It was right after the chapter about the Jews "murdering women and children by the thousands, and while not murdering them, holding them in concentration camps by the millions"

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