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Carrie Neighbors sentenced to 8 years in prison for selling stolen goods from Yellow House store

I googled "sevier murder," and there was nothing about the Lawrence Police Department. Are you referring to the justifiable homicide of Gregg Sevier back in '92? I could not find much about it. Did Gregg have a weapon, or did the police just walk in and shoot him?

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Downtown Lawrence merchant group asking customers to stop giving money to panhandlers

Way to go! You wasted a bunch of time and gasoline, enabled a drug abuser, insulted a public employee, and downplayed the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime... all in one day!

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Muslims brace for 9/11 anniversary

---But it was NOT Muslims who were arrested on 9/11 filming the tower attacks and giving each other hi-fives, and cheering each other. The men arrested were israeli mossad. Remember the TV show when Netanyahu grinned and said the attacks were "good for Israel".---

Cooky says...
Israel did it? Oh crud. Nobody tell Bozo. We'll never hear the end of it.... oh wait, you just made that stuff up. Never mind.

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Why so many Americans could be hostile toward Islam


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Wheat State Pizza reopens under new ownership after property seized

Rudy's is gross, and pretending to like their pizza does not make you hip. I'm glad they pay their taxes, though.

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Sad discovery

I read that stuff in school. I think you work with a bunch of slackers and illiterates, Brent.

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Bloody Israeli raid sparks crisis

I agree with Bozo. Jews are Nazi racist Communist Zionist mass murderers of unarmed civilians who speak a secret code language and deserve to be despised.

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First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

righty says..."Some of you really should go read the first amendment of our Constitution (it's very short.). 'Separation of church and state' is nowhere in that text."

cooky says..."Separation of church and state" is a valid paraphrase.

righty says..."That same amendment actually protects 'religion' from government tampering as well."

cooky says...That may be a valid statement, but it is not in the text of the document either. Sooo.. what is your point here, man?

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Federal officials broaden investigation into meth ring

I don't know who Smitty is, but I would bet a million dollars Smitty has been caught committing federal crimes... egotistical and delusional as well.

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Source: Criminal probe of Goldman under way

Has anyone ever actually read one of Merrill's posts? It's like trying to read a phone book from cover to cover, except in this phone book someone has scribbled copies of spam emails on every page. I would advise against it.

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