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Bucky's Drive In closes after long run

Should say "think about that" not "thank about that" sorry.

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Bucky's Drive In closes after long run

I can't believe that place lasted as long as it did. When I worked there in the 90's while I was in high school, we were not allowed to use soap to wash the dishes.

It was nasty and dirty all the time. Thank about that for a minute, this was back in the 90's before Mr. Buck sold the place.

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Wal-Mart win-win


I'm so tired of hearing about Wal-Mart, I'll either laugh or cry. I'd prefer people started laughing and stopped all the crying.

Surely people can see how ridiculous this entire discussion is. No matter how much we argue about it, what is done is done.

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Wal-Mart win-win


"sewer", I like that. I laughed out loud at that one.

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Wal-Mart win-win

Hey Stuckinthemiddle,

What is Wal-Mart "sewing you" in to? Maybe a blue vest, or possibly a new pair of jeans for some shopper looking for a good deal.

Do you think you'd end up on the price reduction rack?

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City to explore 31st St. extension

Yes, let us all blame Wal-Mart before it's too late. Good grief.

April 25, 2007 at 8:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Birth control prices rise

bytheway: "Why do these kids think they need to have sex to prove themselves to men."

Why do some people think that women have sex to prove something? Maybe they just like having sex. People rarely suggest men have sex to prove something.

I like sex! I don't want children! The two do NOT have to go together. Get over it.

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City Hall to convene summit on downtown future

They should just knock the whole place down, it's a huge fire hazard.

Once it is demolished, we can build the Wal-Mart there for convenience.

We should widen the street too so that those people having to go to Kansas City to work (and shop) will have an easier time getting to the turnpike.

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Missing sign

classclown that was great...I laughed out loud in my very quiet office. Everyone was looking at me.

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Mom gets 60 days in infant death


Humans ARE animals. They are part of the Kingdom Animalia, just like everything else.

So to say "we value animal life more than human life" makes no sense.

It would be the same as saying: we value human life more than human life.

Also, comparing the killing of a 5 mo. old baby with a first trimester abortion is ludicrous and inflamatory. I see that you are only attempting to create a disturbance and have little objective to offer on the subject. The two subjects are completely separate.

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