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Bar owners surprised by change in concealed carry law

StaffThank you for your pleasant demeanor while discussing this topic. This is the first that I have read this forum so I am not aware of your support for open carry. In my jurisdiction open carry is legal but, because firearms make some good people uncomfortable I conciously choose concealed carry.I think the automobile analogy is strong and valid in the context of "my responsibility for your safety"."Bullets do not discriminate or know who you are trying to protect."True, but humans do; situationally the firing of a sidearm is the last resort to preserve my, or a loved ones, life."They also bounce, fully penetrate multiple targets, and shatter, often causing much more damage than expected."A discussion of terminal ballistics is probably beyond this forum. Suffice to say a "bounced" bullet has lost a significant amount of kinetic energy and being deformed has lost the ability to continue in ballistic flight. Good defensive ammunition is designed to ensure that it does not overpenetrate. Lastly on this subject bullets can never do more damage than expected: defensive bullets are designed to stop an attacker. It is an interesting paradigm that you see the current state of affairs as pro gun whereas my paradigm sees a very antigun society.Try this as an exercise, try to view CCW permitees as good guys going about there business while doing their best to be prepared for a potentially dreadful situationRegards

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Bar owners surprised by change in concealed carry law

Staff""Because my comfort isn't known to cause people to be dead?""I too, understand your position I simply and respectfully disagree: being defenseless can get you killed.""Lastly what difference does it make to you whether someone is armed or not?"I would know where to take cover. I prefer to know where the bullets might be coming from if an incident occurs.""Then do you support open carry, that is; citizens carring their firearms in open display as in the case of uniformed police?""I am responsible for my own well being"As I am I. You, on the other hand are not responsible for my safety and well being. When you carry a weapon into a public place with me, you begin to take responsibility for my well being. If you wanted that role, perhaps you should pursue law enforcement.""I am sure that I am in no way more responsible for your safety in public because I am armed than I am on the highway operating a motor vehicle. As for law enforcement the police are not responsible for your personal safety either; police are charged with the general public's safety not any one individual's safety. Though, I am a proud former Marine I have no interest in law enforcement, just my self preservation. Further, the current legal environment would make me very hesitant to protect anyone but myself or my family.Cheers

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Bar owners surprised by change in concealed carry law

Staff,Why should your comfort in public spaces supecede my comfort in public spaces? I am not a fearful person but, I am aware of the fact that there is evil and violence in our society. We are responsible for our security financially, medically, emotionally; that is why we work, save, go to the doctor and carefully choose our friends. The fact that I have a CCW permit is simply my acknowledgement of the realization that I am responsible for my own well being: from the pespective of personal security. These are the resposibilities that accompany the rights of our free society. Lastly what difference does it make to you whether someone is armed or not; would you be more likely to act mean, rude or violent to someone who you know is not armed?, I thought not.

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Schools, churches also impacted by concealed carry changes

Yes guns anywhere anytime. If you examine the facts individuals with CCW permits rarely commit any crimes much less if you only consider violent crimes. As far as your assertation that accidents are very frequent: fatal firearms accidents represent about 1.5% of all fatal accidents; please stop with the hyperbole. You may think that it is "macho" to carry a firearm, that is your opinion, macho is not why we choose concealed carry. We're not braggards or macho men displaying our firearms; we quietly go about our business bearing the responsibility that goes with the God given right of self preservation.

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Schools, churches also impacted by concealed carry changes

The foundation of this issue is the fact that the liberal spirit is inherently cowardly. They are afraid of defending their opinion or their person; to that end they attempt to legislate all offenses to their sensibility. They want to legislate these offenses so that they will not have to defend their position, the government will act as their surrogate. This is why we have gun control; hate crime laws and; McCain Fiengold.

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Bar owners surprised by change in concealed carry law

Here are some great facts as related to CCW

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