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What do you like most about tailgating?

Food, beer and friends! What a great atmosphere on the hill!
Can't wait to get started Labor Day weekend. I agree with H_Lecter though- losing my tailgating spot will be sad. We have a great view into the stadium that will be gone in 2007.

Sorry conservativeman! I just created a name about a week ago without really reading previous names. Didn't mean to copy your name. I noticed it the very day I first started posting.

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Freshman becomes first male on KU's Rock Chalk Dance Team

........and I'll bet llarson76 really thought that the fans were watching and appreciating her dancing rather than her uniform.

"passion and sport of choice"??????? Since when is dancing a sport? There is no ball involved and if there isn't a ball involved, it isn't a sport - PERIOD!

...and stop calling them the Rock Chalk Dancers! The person who renamed our Crimson Girls the rock chalk dancers should be... well I just can't bring myself to say it --- gosh darn it! Now you all have me upset. I'm going to go put my vinyl album of the Village People on the turntable and crank my pioneer stereo speakers to the max.

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What do you think about the foiled terror plot in London?

The above comment was sarcasm for those of you boiling a new vein in your neck.

It amazes me that people don't believe that this war is necessary. We know Islamic fundamentalists want us DEAD. They've proven that they will come to our own soil to do it and we have idiots making their jobs easier by making up conspiracy theories that our government was responsible for 9-11 as well as ripping Bush for doing the right thing even though it happens to also be the hard thing.

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What do you think about the foiled terror plot in London?

Good post monkeywrench1969

For me - being on the offense is the key. I say that we capture any Islamic fundamentalist looking character, hold him/her hostage, then cut his/her head off on TV. Who cares if it happens to be an innocent person. We have people in our own country that excuse the terrorist and defend the terrorist for doing the same thing. Let's start fighting the damn war in the same manner that the terrorist fight it and stop concentrating on going after Bush because we can't get over the 2000 elections. PLUS, maybe if we fight the war like this, we'll get the liberals off Bush's case and his popularity will rise since most liberals are more concern about whether Iraq had WMD, or if Bush's invading the personal space of a foreign digitary. Fact is - these people want us dead - ALL OF US! Bush is exactly what this country needed at this time in our history. He wasn't and isn't afraid of doing the right thing regardless of what the weakminded, liberal left thinks or how tough the liberal driven media can be on him.

Thank goodness for Fox News so we at least get some truth about what is going on in this world.

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