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Preserving penmanship in the Computer Age

You've got to love the scare tactics embedded in the article, combined with a total lack of evidence.

There are plenty of activities that exercise the brain AND are valuable tools for the future. Did anyone every stop to think that the ability to think on your feet and articulate thoughts quickly in typing or texting might actually be working your brain even harder?

This is just a cry from the past to preserve something that's become almost completely obsolete. It's time to get teachers into the classroom who aren't so far removed from the 21st century.

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Maine repeals gay-marriage law in historic vote

"Being against theft and murder are largely base on religion too."

Only if you're an amoral crackpot. The rest of us have a moral sense that pre-dates religion.

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Maine repeals gay-marriage law in historic vote

"It is not an issue of supporting gay marriage. It is an issue of whether you support our democratic system."

The legal validity of the referendum is not in question, and neither is our semi-democratic system.

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Maine repeals gay-marriage law in historic vote

"Yes. Some believe there are negative social aspects to broadening the definition of marriage."

I've never met a secular (an atheist or an agnostic) person who is opposed to same-sex marriage.

Opposing same-sex marriage is almost universally (I'm sure there are some non-religious people somewhere who disagree) a religious argument.

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Supporters of suspected Tiller killer defy ban, try to hold benefit auction on eBay

Well, if I ever doubted that I was on the right side of the abortion question, this article pretty much clinches it.

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NAACP calls on lawmaker to remove, apologize for 'other dark meat' video

I love Bill Otto. I totally disagree with him ideologically, but he's just so ridiculously hilarious that he could only be a Kansas political leader.

Okay, maybe North Dakota...

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Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients

Are people seriously defending someone who weighs more than 1,000 pounds?

Come on people! Think about what that means. I am 5'7". I weigh 172 pounds, and I am overweight. I can run between 2 and 3 miles at a time, but I'm overweight. I'm not obese and try to stay healthy, but I have weight I should and want to lose. This is my responsibility and no one else's, and I would feel personal shame if tax payers had to pay special attention to me as an individual based on my life choices.

No one. And I mean NO ONE, is made 1,000 pounds because of their genetics or some illness that leads to obesity. Stop blaming other people, the media, or your "genetics" for lifestyle choices.

We have become a culture that blames everyone else for our own personal problems. This needs to stop.

And before I get attacked for "fattism", or whatever that crap is about discriminating against fat people, let me just say this:

I suppose universal health care. I support comprehensive support for people in society, particularly for people who have real, pre-existing conditions that nothing will change. I absolutely do NOT support people leeching off a system designed to help people who simply cannot help their position.

No one who weighs 1,000 pounds is a victim of anything but their own bad lifestyle choices.

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Who do you think makes the best french fries?

"France - they make 'em with love."

They're okay, but not great in most places I've had them in France.

Being a Belgian invention, calling them "Freedom Fries" only gave further justification to the American stereotype as the ignorant warmonger. Fortunately, I was always mistaken for being British or German while in France.

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Soldier’s early return makes kids’ day

What a great story. I can't imagine how happy Jaida must be today.

I wish the LJworld would post more uplifting and happy stories like this one.

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Bristol Palin promotes abstinence for teens

All that's missing is for Bristol to get pregnant a second time and name the child "Chastity".

Then the circle of oxymoronic hypocrisy would be complete.

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