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Brownback announces big changes at Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services

At least one of these new hires is more than proud to hang a large pic of Jesus on his office wall (the white version, of course). I'm guessing they all agreed to do this in order to take away a better employee's job. You know what that means: Less common sense/statistic-based approaches, and more pumping of religion where it doesn't belong. Also, be prepared for more anti-woman/pro-abuse policies.

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KU debater Dylan Quigley aiming to finish career with national title

Tell that to all the basketball players making a fortune, thatonedude. Oh, and how about the health benefits? I guess you wouldn't know, since you don't walk beyond the fridge.

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Missing story

Wow. Maybe the LJWorld should just start including only stories from 25 years ago. Why on earth would people be more interested in something that happened recently? It's not like we don't get to see stuff about the Challenger every single year.

The story on Thomas Robinson and the Jayhawk community was much more interesting and meaningful to the local community than rehashing the Challenger story. If you want to obsess about it, then feel free to surf the web and stress over it. Otherwise, crawl back into your fallout shelter and listen to Fox News.

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Celebration penalty costly for K-State

Not all of us have to have low standards and be KSU fans like you, Judgesmells. I seriously enjoyed their loss. That's my opinion. If you don't like it, then don't read my posts. Oh, and blaming the refs for everything is typical of KSU fans.

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Celebration penalty costly for K-State

This is pretty much the best story of the year. I like that K-State choked in their bowl game.

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Full-day kindergarten tuition in Lawrence faces fickle finances

Wow. I hate to see some of you parents when your children reach college age. You'll be freaking out about letting them experience the world, because, surely, 18 is far too young to be an adult. Children are still children when they go to school. The real problem is that you want to baby them rather than letting them start to learn some sort of independence. These are the same children who develop social anxiety because mom is freaking out about everything.

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Rebuilding project: Former KU guard Jeff Hawkins enjoying challenge in first year as prep head coach

One of the least talented KU players in the history of the school serving as the JV coach cannot be helping this team.

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KU School of Business class teaches graduate students how to commit fraud, identity theft

"Also, be aware that most banks will ask for personal information on the phone and will rarely prompt you to input secure information online."

Shouldn't this be "most banks won't ask for personal information on the phone"? Unless you're calling their line directly, then you shouldn't expect to give out personal info.

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Number of diabetic Americans could triple

Part of the problem, too, is that many people feel that being thin means that he/she is healthy. People pump McDonald's junk into their kids, and ignore the fact that it's harming them....just because they're not overweight. Look at all the processed junk that people are eating. Don't blame it all on genetics.

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Disappointed fan

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