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Even contraception now controversial

Every single Catholic female that I know under that age of 40 has used some sort of contraception. Mostly birth control, but also tubal ligation. The problem is that too many of these women and their men continue to support a church that wants to take away their right to use contraception. Time to stop being fake, and leave the church you obviously don't believe in.

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KU recruiting budget tops Big 12

Pretty sure they're not just talking football here. K-State can't even dream of recruiting like Bill Self in basketball. Kansas men's basketball is the only team that the state is known for. No one cares about K-State outside of Manhattan and western Kansas.

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Legislators grill Kan. social services official

There are always going to be those people who feel that they are entitled to live off of the system. Lazy people who like to blame everyone else for their problems. It's time to force them to work. If a couple is getting welfare, then both of them need to work. I'd rather subsidize child care than letting a parent have the option of not working.

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SRS launches adoption initiative

Brownback brags about how he adopted two of his own children. Yeah, but foster care kids weren't good enough for him. He did the more fairy tale sounding international adoptions. I think it's great that these foster care children might find good, permanent homes, but Brownback is beyond fake.

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Governor: Statistics key in reducing abuse

Brownback has made sure that many, many social workers have lost their jobs. The case load for each SRS social worker is beyond anything that most of us could handle. Want to help these kids, Brownback? Hire more social workers! If a child dies from child abuse after a report is made to SRS, then social workers take the blame. The state should take the blame for not having enough of these workers to do timely investigations. They already have low salaries, and they'd need to work unpaid overtime to even try to put a dent in their work load.

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SRS says faith-based intiatives still around, just not getting as much attention

Although I can't stand the idea of mixing religion with politics, don't lump all the faith-based programs together. Some of these agencies get federal or state grants that forbid them from preaching or mentioning religion. If they aren't following those guidelines, then report it. They have to compete for this money just like other agencies. Many of these agencies are also far more efficient and respectful towards clients than agencies like TFI or KCSL. Do I like that Brownback invites huge groups of Catholic priests to the Governor's mansion? No. Do I think that a religious, non-profit agency can benefit society? Sometimes.

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DA says he may file some Topeka domestic cases

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'It's heartbreaking': Families adjust to homeless life together at shelter

How many of these women are pregnant, again? How many will continue having kids, knowing that they can't afford them? The kids are the ones who suffer, because their idiot parents can't take precautions, or because the parents enjoy the extra state money that a new kid brings. Any woman who receives state assistance should be required to get an I.U.D. When did people become so proud to be welfare recipients? Disgusting.

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Police identify boy who drowned at Lone Star Lake

This is really sad! My thoughts are will this family. I hope that the LJWorld staff seriously monitors the comments that will pop up here today.

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Former KU student pleads guilty to battery after woman alleges she was sexually assaulted at fraternity house

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