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KU student arrested after fleeing from rollover accident

or you can read the Kansan, Topeka Captal or the KC Star online...

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Lawrence man reports bike stolen in 1800 block of New Hampshire

Was the Schwin bike made of Gold???

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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

I voted for all Democrats, but voted against the expansion. I'm the opposite of a tea partier, but thought that this is not the right time to spend 18 million dollars. The post by Alabama is what is wrong with the far left and for that matter the far right. Instead of working together to solve the problems in this state and this country we are "red" vs. "blue". GROW UP - ALL OF YOU!!!

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Town Talk: ‘Vote no on library’ signs appear; downtown mural questioned; home sales down for September

I hope you are talking tax rate. Otherwise, I would think that after 30 years you would be paying more taxes.

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KU planning to add School of Public Health to medical center campus

Pretty good actually. The H1N1 pandemic was not as bad as every one thought it was going to be.

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Do you think Emporia State should be allowed to have a teaching program at Johnson County Community College?

Aren't some of you that think Emporia should do this are the same people that think we should have less regent universities?

I want to eat cake all day, but I don't want to gain any weight.

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Drug developed by KU researchers could help diabetics

Wow, this is one of the most uninformed statements I ever read. There is not just one type of diabetes or even just one type of "type 2" diabetes (more like thousands of types of type 2 diabetes). Thus, there is not one "cure" for diabetes. While I agree that lifestyle plays a significant role in many types of type 2 diabetes, some people who are active their entire life and eat a heathy diet will still develop diabetes.

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Campaign Notebook: Kobach working on "birthright citizenship" issue

Exactly, just ignore him - skip over his posts. They are just crazy rants of a senile 40 year guy old (+) guy from Lawrence.

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Lester 'shocked' by Perkins' resignation

I agree as well, after all KU_cynic has proven that he/she knows what's best for KU. In fact, Chancellor Gray-Little, I think that you should step down as well, so that that our Savior KU_cynic can take your place and show everyone the way. Let's all get down on our knees and thank KU_cynic for his/her toughtfulness and all knowing what is best for KU. KU_cynic is our shepherd.

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Water could be issue with western Kan. coal plant

As far as the water issue is concerned, people in western Kansas will have to sleep in the bed that they made. They wanted two coal plants, each using a s**t-ton of water. That equals less water to irrigate or even drink if the wells are not deep enough. How much water does a wind farm use? - Oh, that's right practically zero.

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