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Santorum wins Douglas County Republican caucus

As I said in a blog yesterday, this is one of the most important elections in decades as America slips and descends into an abyss. The main issues should be about the economy and the overwhelming loss of our civil liberties as citizens; not who does what to their own body, what they believe in or which side of the fence they choose to be on. As Dr. Ron Paul said at his rally on Friday, this is the beginning of an 'Intellectual revolution' (actually started 5 years ago) that will enlighten the masses, only if they take advantage of it. We as a society have become lazy slugs who wait for the next reality TV show, the next instructions from the corporate-run mass news media and the next incredible electronic toy. However, most of us are connected to the most invaluable source of truth, history and vital information through the internet and yet people still vote based on looks, faith, gut feelings, or do not vote at all. Learn to read again and look up the backgrounds of each of the candidates. Obama is a nice man, but he is letting the power get to his head. Romney is a nice guy but has no conviction. Newt, well, he's Newt. Santorum was run out of office after being found to be one of the most corrupt congressman 2 years in a row before he was ousted by his own state. Yet because of his 'faith and family first' convictions, he is now acceptable? Do Kansans really want a fake like him? I don't agree with everything Dr. Ron Paul says, but of the five candidates in the race, he is incorruptible and tells it like it is. He has for over 30 years in office. Start reading NOW; we might have time to save America.

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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

It's really too bad that all of this boils down to religion and politics. What do you think is going to happen to the economy with either Obama or a nutcase like Santorum (or Romney, or Newt)? It will continue to get worse and this country is gong to take a fall. We won't be worrying about abortions, homosexuality or contraceptives. We will all be learning how to survive on very little while the President is assassinating anyone who gets out of line.

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Republican presidential hopefuls turn their attention to Kansas

Obviously, everyone here making comments have not done the research to become informed about the positions of the candidates. You have all been spoon-fed by the main stream media and what they think THEIR (not the voters) choice for the Republican candidate for you should be. I say this because I feel there is really no difference between the Democrat or Republican establishment candidates. To truly make an informed decision, a voter must be fully informed, not by what they have been told, or how the candidate looks or if they are electable. The internet is a powerful tool and can provide you with an incredible amount of information that the MSM does not want you to know or wants you to ignore. Use it. Once you do, you will find that the only candidate you can rationalize as a candidate for the nomination of the Republican Party is Congressman and doctor, Dr. Ron Paul. He is the only one that has set out a plan to restore this country to what the Founding Fathers endowed to us within the Constitution. If you want to see this country get back to its greatness as a country for the people, by the people and where government is not imposing its will on the people, please, read about what Dr. Ron Paul stands for and I guarantee, you will look at what our government has become, while realizing how much we have lost. Dr. Ron Paul 2012.

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Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire primary; Ron Paul runs second

The big news tonight is after all the money and all is said and done, Mitt Romney gained a whopping 3% more votes than he got 4 years ago in 2008. Ron Paul recorded nearly a 400% increase in his strong second place showing tonight. His message is out there, it will not be stopped, the GOP and MSM are messing in their pants and it will come down to a two man race. Mitt, the inconsistent flip-flopper, who blows with the wind and says what he thinks the people want to hear and give them the feel good sound bites that the future is bright; or Dr. Paul, a man who has stuck to his constitutional philosophy and principles for over 30 years, a man who is incorruptible, a man who will get us out of these illegal and undeclared wars. See you at the Kansas Caucus.

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NCAA: Referee made right call in KU's victory over UCLA

Would there be all of this concern about how the game ended if UCLA had got the last call in their favor and they won by 1 point in the last .07 seconds? Would Andy Katz, of ESPN, been as concerned over the call and to make such a big deal out of it if Kansas had lost? Would it had been better to have a call like that made within the last 2 or 3 seconds so it would have given UCLA a chance to prove whether they could beat the #4 team on a really bad night? How many times have we watched Duke or North Carolina pull out a game on a last second foul after their big star player basically plowed into the opponents body? How many times has Andy Katz questioned those calls? Kansas won the game, get over it.

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Collins a third team All-America selection

I am sorry, but as a faculty of this proud "University" where education should be number one and thousands of young people's futures are at stake, I find it appalling that more noise and concern is made over whether we bring in a, yes talented, but obviously spoiled and immature basketball athlete (basically a kid) who will use KU as a stepping stone to his potential millions, yet we ourselves are facing an unprecedented economic crisis within academia, one like never before, and no one seems to notice. Hey, I have been here for two incredible national championships, many final fours and great conference championships and tournaments, but the idea of "using" the university as a playground to wait a year before entering the NBA draft is demeaning to this fine and historically excellent institution. How about checking this kid's grades after the fall semester to find out if he is even eligible to play during the spring semester? We request that of many of our students to see if they can continue in their majors; why not sports? Kid can't study and perform at the college level, don't let him play.

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19-year-old killed, 4 injured in car accident

I fully agree with hannadawn0709. My daughter knew all these kids (I knew 2 of them) and I found yesterday's comments with the initial article disgusting. A life was lost and 4 other kids were injured, two critically. The cause is not fully clear but still very tragic. Those sitting around with nothing better to do than staring at a computer screen need to put themselves in the situation and wonder, in that split second, how they would have truly responded. I feel for all the families and pray they get through this horrible passage of time.

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Impeachable crimes

You ALL should read Vincent Bugliosi's, "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder." This man is no hack. I lived in Los Angeles right after the Tate/LaBiancha murders and then District Attorney Bugliosi handled the prosecution of the decade; Charles Manson and company. He lays out exactly how any or all of the Attorney Generals of any and all states could prosecute George Bush for the murders of all the soldiers sent to and killed in Iraq based on the undeniable truth that Bush and Company led us to war based on flat out lies. They knew what they were doing and used whatever means necessary to take us to war. There were NO WMD's and there was no connection of Saddam H. to 9/11. Yet these were the basic full blown lies given to the American public to take us to a senseless war with no legitimate outcome in sight. And now, what next, Iran? When one of your sons or daughters die in this fiasco in the name of "freedom" so you can buy cheaper gas for your SUV, or make Halliburton the richest corporation on earth (next to Exxon of course), we will see how much you will want to spend your wasted time on these blogs defending criminals which make up the current administration.

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How much did they give?

Excuse me, but like all major news services, the Lawrence Journal World refuses to acknowledge the existence of Dr. Ron Paul as a viable Republican candidate in any political or related story. Did it not fit neatly on the page layout to include his picture? He is still running and it would be nice if you would use his name and/or picture occasionally so that people do not think he has dropped out of the race. Maybe you could mention his name in tomorrow's paper or better yet Wednesday's. And yes, I donated money to Ron Paul's campaign and it was the best investment I made all year.

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Do you remember where you were when the Jayhawks won the National Championship in 1988?

My wife (KU alum) had just returned from 2 weeks in Germany, and got to watch the last two games. Now, she is no sports fan at all, but when KU won, she went absolutely crazy, started jumping up and down and screaming, "We have to go somewhere, anywhere, we have to go up on campus!" Never saw anything like it when we arrived on Jayhawk Blvd. What a party! Thousands of people were your best friend, shared their beer, laughed, cheered, you name it. I felt bad for the one girl's Honda Civic that was getting crushed by five football player-size guys jumping up and down on it. It was amazing. I try to tell my students, that if it ever happens again (and it looks like football may be added into the equation) that they will just have to experience the high for themselves. Go KU!

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