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KU showing off sustainability program with parking lot

It's tough to take complaints of under-funding seriously while the University's doing projects like this. If the University can afford more than essential, functionally-adequate parking lot maintenance, then it looks like there's actually more than enough money on the Hill. If I were Governor, and I saw this, I'd propose additional tax and budget cuts until I saw tough choices, like between essential maintenance and classroom instruction, being made.

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Brownback, Gray-Little say stable state funding important to KU's efforts to improve

If I were governor, and I saw unnecessary expenditures being made, like the $18 million to display the basketball rules or the $11 million to beautify Jayhawk Boulevard, it'd be hard for me to take budgetary panic seriously. In fact, I'd probably assume that the State had actually allocated TOO MANY of its taxpayers' dollars, in which case I'd propose further tax and budget cuts to offset each unnecessary expenditure that I saw. Thereafter, I'd entertain an appeal for additional tax dollars only if and when it appeared to me that tough choices between academic priorities were being made. (And it wouldn't make any difference to me if some of the funds allocated to unnecessary expenditures came from athletic revenues -- I'd expect to see those funds being used first and foremost in the classroom). I'd expect expenditures non-essential to the academic mission to be covered entirely by private (e.g. Endowment) funds, donated voluntarily for those purposes.

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KU professor appearing on national TV tonight, days after being featured by Journal-World (these things likely unrelated)

Brian Russel's a psychologist who teaches at KU and he's on tv all the time on shows that people actually watch. Must not be any press releases about that, maybe because he's not liberal.

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Downtown cameras demand strict limits

This author is quick to intrude upon the privacy of his neighbors, demanding that they maintain their private areas according to his personal preferences, so his objection to simply being observed in public seems rather hypocritical.

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