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Ex-LHS star Dorian Green fast-tracked to D-I assistant coach

I'm having to click to get into every article. It's been fun LJWorld, but if it continues I will get my news elsewhere.

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Departing assistant superintendent to work for Fort Hays State

If you do your homework and see how Fort Hays State is run you will realize this post is ridiculous. They haven't raised there tuition in forever. The boss running things there is handing out bogus jobs.

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Coach: Lions football showed promise at ESU camp

LHS will be better than people think. Looking forward to the seaon.

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Lions’ Drew Green emerges as state’s top slugger

Drew is a great kid. Well deserved. Loyal to the end. Keep doin work!

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QB to be: Two candidates vying to replace Brad Strauss as Lawrence High quarterback

you have to fit your players to an offense. Whatever it is you decide to do. You can't throw the ball around the lot if you don't have someone to wing it. I'm pretty sure Coach doesn't want to just run.

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KU football target Peyton Newell to reveal finalists Saturday night

small town is right. Most of the time they don't block him and when they try the lineman are about 180 pounds. Good luck to him.

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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

right on Deb. Get your kids to school. Don't blame the principal.

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Police cite 46 in Monday night seat belt enforcement

haha best post ever. I thought the samething

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Undercover task force cites 17 businesses for selling alcohol to minors

how much money is spent on something that's only an issue in the US. Wasteful.

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Lawrence man arrested on suspicion of stealing phone from pedestrian

kind of a new thing called "apple pickin". thieves are snatching Iphones out of peoples hands so they have immediate access because the screen is unlocked. Scarey

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