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More than 100 active, retired faculty, staff support Guth's "right of free speech"

I thought he was put on leave because there were death threats sent to him?? I thought this was about safety in the classroom?

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Two area students named semifinalists in National Achievement Scholarship contest

Both are great kids. Congrats

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KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs to transfer

There is nothing fishy about the coaching. When your team is struggling with personnel issues you sometimes take chances on Juco kids. We took some chances and some worked out and some didn't. This isn't a personal issue for Coach W. He wanted the kid to be great more than anyone. He sold us all on the kid. He probably gave him more of a chance to get that spot than the kid earned. In CW credit he was willing to step back and reevaluate his progress. It was special what CW did last week. Most coaches aren't willing to bench big names and give other guys a shot. Red Shirting Combs said 2 things. 1 CW was wrong about his talent. He could have shoved him in there and made excuses so he didn't look bad but he didn't. 2. By redshirting him it says that he is still willing to work with the kid. He could have kept him active roster and not played him to get him to transfer or be out of here a year earlier. The fact that the kid doesn't want to put in the work tells the whole story. If you are not familiar with Juco football it is not odd for some of these big names to not even practice and still get to play. Juco coaches want to win so they don't have to be Juco coaches. Also, anyone who listens to the trash that Keitzman spits needs to change that dial. I love 810 but that guy is very hard to listen to.

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Seabury football wins, 62-60

Patty is a Beast

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Hiawatha football recruit Peyton Newell picks Nebraska

Don't be nervous. This won't hurt a bit. It saves us a scholarship for someone who can play.

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High school notebook: FSHS football mixing it up

Its tricky. I think in football you have more instances where a player plays on the freshman team and than spends a year on soph. team and than gets on varsity as a Jr or possibly even waits til he is a senior. But there is true development and reason to play on each level. In soccer, kids get moved up as freshman to play varsity each year and kids who play C team struggle to ever see a varsity field. And all kids do get the same opportunity to make a team as they do to meet qualifications for National Honor Society and scholars bowl etc. Also, the numbers are slightly misleading. At Free State, their coach is so appreciated by the students that he gets kids trying out who are pretty bad players but just want to be a part of his positive energy. It's OK if kids get cut. It happens in most of the other sports. Life's not always fair.

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First impressions: Lawrence High, Free State fall sports begin practices

Lawrence High Football will be better than advertised.

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Yo: LHS lineman Alex Jones knows yo-yos

Great job Alex. A product of hard work and determination. This kid has always been himself. He heard the critics and just kept working. Now he is a man!! Great wrestler too. 2014 will be a great year for you kid. I can't wait.

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Before starring for Firebirds this fall, linebacker Loneker tries hand at acting

Great kid. Always willing to do the work and that will carry him through life. He has a great passion for the game and respects it. A true leader. Set the standard kid.

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To be determined: His position pending, LHS football's Sutter intent on leading

Great kid, Hard worker......LOYAL. I'm so proud of this kid. He told me something in the 4th grade that I will never forget. You learned the game so you could be a starter when it counts. Look at you now kid. Keep grindin

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