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City to seek four-year exemption from state's concealed carry law

Let's see if I understand this. The city has no intention of complying with the law, only to subvert it for the next 4 years while "hoping" the law will somehow change more to their liking. That isn't a plan, that's more like making a wish and blowing out the candles.

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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

And there is the Volley Gun...

Or for concealed carry...

I think that argument is invalid.

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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

I'm tired of the argument that the Founders were only referring to muskets and flintlocks. Have any of you heard of the Puckle Gun, it was patented in 1718, I don't believe the Founders were so short sighted.

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Sound Off: School security

I don't presume to be a security specialist but this I know, hiding behind a no guns sign isn't going to stop someone bent on causing harm. One entrance in and out is a good start but having no defense inside it does no good.

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Sound Off: School security

School officials declined to comment because they have their collective heads buried solidly in the sand in denial and haven't done anything.

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Record numbers apply for concealed carry licenses

"Sounds about right. I have ZERO problems with guns, it is the people who MISuse them that muck things up"

There, fixed it for you somedude20

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Fire chief working double duty in new role

There is no reason that Chief Moore can't perform both jobs satisfactorily. What people don't realize is that the Chief's job is primarily handling the day to day administrative duties, not running each and every incident the department is called out for. That is what the command structure within the department is for. This isn't a matter of which call he is going to run and when, that doesn't matter because he has people that he can count on in each department. Look at LDCFM, does Chief Bradford run every call in the city or attend every traing held for his department? No, because he has people working for him that he can count on to do those things.
This is also not a matter of saving money, it's a matter of who is better qualified to do the job. As long as the Chief can do both jobs at the same time, satisfactorily, from the perspective of the Eudora City council and the Wakarusa Township board, then all is well.

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Is there someplace in Lawrence one can receive firearms instruction? Does the Lawrence Police Depart

You forgot to mention contact the NRA. They will put you in contact with a member who can provide training in many different aspects of firearm ownership, safety, and marksmanship.

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From left, Wakarusa Volunteer firemen Alan Erber, Kyle Evans and Seth Buckley dressed as pirates as

What a hardy looking crew, taking one for the team.

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User Names (UserNames) - Why are you who you are?

@Did_I_say_that - Never would I do such a thing, blasphemy.

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