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'Ordinary' area woman has spent nearly a decade trying to expose an international nonprofit

It's not local, but I know Nike has a Reuse-A-Shoe program where you can send in worn-out shoes (any brand) and they'll recycle them into playing surfaces and gym mats for poorer school systems.

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Local businesses boycotted by Black Lives Matter group say action is misguided

Well, it *was* a formatted list...

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Local businesses boycotted by Black Lives Matter group say action is misguided

From the BLM LFK Facebook page:

Z's Divine Espresso #1
Z's Divine Espresso #2
Z's Divine Espresso #3
River Rock Family Dental
Happy Shirt
ACME Lawrence
The Dusty Bookshelf
First State Bank & Trust
Free State Brewery
Legend's Dental
Pawsh Wash
Watson's Barber Shop
Lawrence Nutrition Center
Cibo Sano Italian Grille
Zen Zero
La Parilla
Java Break

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Update on Spin pizza coming to Lawrence; keep eyes open for another hotel project; more updates on northwest development

Papa Murphy's too, though they're targeting a slightly different audience.

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Kansas pizza magnate, Chamber slam Brownback's veto of tax appeal reform bill

He can, but the chambers clearly have the votes to overrule him. He's either making a political statement or betting the legislature won't bring it up for a vote to override him.

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Kansas Senate panel delays vote on judicial impeachment bill

Couldn't voting against an incumbent legislator be viewed as attempting to "usurp power"? Somehow I don't see this making it far when a legal challenge arises.

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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

Agreed. I was burned by them on the Lawrence 10 miler-another event they took money for, never held, and never refunded. If anyone paid for this event, I'd contact your credit card company and get a refund.

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Kansas House will consider making all state employees 'essential' Saturday, blocking furloughs

"Non-essential" just refers to if the place can function at all without that person. It doesn't mean you could sustain a long term absence. For example, most janitors and facilities operations personnel at KU were listed as non-essential, as were most of the KDOT road crews. Things will run without them for a little while, but if you just fired them all and didn't re-fill the position, things would go downhill fast.

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Fix-It Chick: Is FiberFix better than duct tape?

I've seen this as a requirement on a lot of resins and other things that chemically set (such as concrete). There are certain contaminants in water that can alter set time or prevent the resin from hardening entirely. Requiring potable water ensures those contaminants are at a minimum.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: The Days of Drag Strip Road

You can see the old strip on Google Maps:

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