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Landlords telling KU to lay down party law

Meadowbrook has a 'three strikes' policy. If authorities are called 3 times for disturbances in a year, you get evicted. Probably a bit more effective than fines.

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National hall of fame gives noteworthy nod to Leader of the Band

I'm a current member of the Marching Jayhawks, and I've been directed by Mr. Foster on a number of occasions; I can tell you for a fact that he's one of the best there is.

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Bar owner files motion to halt enforcement of smoking ban

I'm honestly impressed with the comments I've seen here so far. I thought reading the article that a number of people would speak up in defense of someone trying to shoot down the ban. Props to Lawrence for sticking behind it, and setting an example for other cities to get on the right track.

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Mirecki hospitalized after beating

I'm saying when people make sweeping remarks about everyone of a specific belief, it does nothing to improve their own views.
I'm tired of this entire ID debate. Yes, I believe the theory of evolution should be taught in schools as an example of the scientific method. ID would be better taught as a religious studies class. While they are similar in the fact that they are both beliefs on the origin of man, they lend themselves in education to different subjects.

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Mirecki hospitalized after beating

Please stop assuming that all Christians are the same. "Fascist fundamentalists. We're really supposed to believe you Bible-thumpers are followers of Jesus, yet you use violence to solve your problems." I don't assume that every athiest on the planet believes the exact same thing and acts the same way, yet people who make comments like this want to believe that every Christian has no tolerance for people with different ideas.

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