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Latest Census numbers show Douglas County had fewer private sector jobs, businesses than in 2000

How does Lawrence compare to other "university towns"? {e.g., Columbia, Manhattan, Ames, Lincoln, etc.}

For one thing, they all have a shopping mall!

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Bill would allow utility rate hikes before approval

The KS House Committee on Energy and Utilities hopes to make a decision on this issue by Monday. Time is short - please call Tom Sloan and any or all members of the Committee voicing your objections to HB2144 - here's a link for all the Committee members:

If you haven't visited the CURB page to see what they do for KS consumers, go there When Black Hills bought out Aquila they knew about the 240-day rate review process. And bet on the electric utilities asking for the same "interim rate" increases.

Here's what's up next--a $$$90 million rate increase: CURB Recommends $11.6 Million Decrease in Westar Rates - CURB filed testimony today recommending an $11.6 million rate decrease for Westar Energy (Westar). Westar is seeking a $90.8 million rate increase in customer rates from the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). (KCC Docket No 12-WSEE-112-RTS)

CURB is fighting but can't do it alone!

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Bill would allow utility rate hikes before approval

OMG! The utility companies will be filing for higher rates at every opportunity - our rates will continue to increase! We'll be nickled and dimed in 30-day increments. Utility companies will hope that we won't notice small increases over time -- that we'll get used to them, then it's a done deal. Then the only "regulatory lag" will be consumers trying to get their money back! Fat chance of that happening!

Springe at CURB works very hard for the consumer - ALL OF US - let's make sure we call our representatives and say, "Heck, no!"

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City agrees to rename street for Fambrough

Please, don't change the street name!

Just put up another sign on the existing street sign, a different color, that says HONORARY COACH DON FAMBROUGH STREET.

See example here: http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistor...

And 15th Street is still 15th for me, not Bob Billings Parkway!

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FSHS boys place second without top bowler

Go Firebirds!

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Old-time GOP

A favorite quote:
"Other than telling us how to live, think, marry, pray, vote, invest, educate our children and, now, die, Republicans have done a fine job of getting government out of our personal lives..”
-- Editorial Page, Portland Oregonian, 2011

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Class ring racket

I agree with Melanie - Jostens puts a lot of pressure on the kids to buy a class ring. Besides presentations at school, there have been direct mail brochures, and multiple phone calls. When they call, I've said that my grandson wasn't interested (he knows it's too much money), but they keep calling. How many "no, thank yous" does it take? Anyway, I promised him a class ring if he graduates from university and if he still wanted one.

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Have you ever taken an Amtrak train from the Lawrence depot?

Since gas prices spiked, taking the train to Chicago is the way to go. Cheap tickets if one plans ahead. No hassles, friendly people--I can always find someone who wants to play cards or meet new, interesting people, able to move around from car to car, grab a snack or pack my own, and bring back extra luggage without being penalized. Everyone on the train is very accommodating. I don't even think about driving to Chicago anymore--don't have to worry about speeding tickets, wear and tear on the car, road construction, etc. It's just easier to take the train.

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