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New campaign finance reports in City Commission race; Rasmussen apologizes for accepting Crossland donations and returns funds; City Hall details projects to delay if police HQ moves ahead

What's troubling to me is that this is a further indictment of how the commission operates. Why was this report from Corliss - which speaks to long-term consequences, trade offs and options - not presented or even asked for by now? I believe lots of Lawrencians pride themselves on being educated voters, and not having such vital information is maddening.

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Taxpayers footing the bill for hundreds of flights that KU defends as essential

They said that like it was some miraculous time savings. But what's the time it takes to fly? Door to door, still gotta be at least an hour, right?

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Appeals court upholds Lawrence man's sentence for drug possession

Seeing thatass got a felony conviction for assault, I'd hardly consider him non-violent.

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Brownback budget cuts K-12 education, holds higher education funding flat

Can we impeach him? Serious question.

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Lawrence commission reverses Rock Chalk Park stance after serious accounting questions emerge

I really wish this sort of process of review and questioning would have occurred during the initiation process. These commissioners were drunk with power and money, and we're all left paying for it now. I too find it curious that some were so quick to vote in favor of the Rec Center, but are now trying to play tough. Too little, too late.

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East Lawrence residents raise new concern about proposed Ninth Street ArtPlace project

Your reason and well thought out position have no place here. Grab a pitchfork!

In all honesty, I agree with you. However, I think (and as current election results show) this is part of a continued distrust of city government/management. I would personally prefer the city do the bare minimum here (letting the LAC and grant do the rest) and save that three million for, oh I don't know, the needed Police Station maybe? It seems the city is continuing to spend money anywhere else except where it's needed - new police facilities. My heavens, they might actually have to start prioritizing their spending instead of throwing millions around all willy-nilly.

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Should Charlie Weis be fired?

This is a really good comment.

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Editorial: Spending restraint

I think there are other important factors that make this an even worse decision:

- Reviews of the surface are almost universally negative. Major complaints include difficulty getting started, sluggishness and an increased need for skate sharpening.

- What is the lifetime expectancy or warranty for this surface? I have not seen this question either asked or answered.

- Was a natural alternative looked at? If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Watson park previously flooded and used as an ice skating rink many, many years ago?

This just feels like such a poorly thought out decision.

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Lawrence commission approves downtown ice skating rink on split vote

A few questions I have:

- what is the use expectancy or lifetime of this synthetic (awful sounding) surface?

- were alternatives considered, like waiting for deep winter, and flooding the area or another for some (call me crazy) natural ice skating?

- does anyone have any experience on this surface?

This whole thing sounds like it's very poorly thought through, and I would not be surprised at some voter backlash. I'd much prefer real ice to this crap.

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Sound Off: Loud event

Or if they had kids, or groceries.

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