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East Lawrence residents raise new concern about proposed Ninth Street ArtPlace project

Your reason and well thought out position have no place here. Grab a pitchfork!

In all honesty, I agree with you. However, I think (and as current election results show) this is part of a continued distrust of city government/management. I would personally prefer the city do the bare minimum here (letting the LAC and grant do the rest) and save that three million for, oh I don't know, the needed Police Station maybe? It seems the city is continuing to spend money anywhere else except where it's needed - new police facilities. My heavens, they might actually have to start prioritizing their spending instead of throwing millions around all willy-nilly.

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Should Charlie Weis be fired?

This is a really good comment.

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Editorial: Spending restraint

I think there are other important factors that make this an even worse decision:

- Reviews of the surface are almost universally negative. Major complaints include difficulty getting started, sluggishness and an increased need for skate sharpening.

- What is the lifetime expectancy or warranty for this surface? I have not seen this question either asked or answered.

- Was a natural alternative looked at? If I'm not mistaken, wasn't Watson park previously flooded and used as an ice skating rink many, many years ago?

This just feels like such a poorly thought out decision.

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Lawrence commission approves downtown ice skating rink on split vote

A few questions I have:

- what is the use expectancy or lifetime of this synthetic (awful sounding) surface?

- were alternatives considered, like waiting for deep winter, and flooding the area or another for some (call me crazy) natural ice skating?

- does anyone have any experience on this surface?

This whole thing sounds like it's very poorly thought through, and I would not be surprised at some voter backlash. I'd much prefer real ice to this crap.

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Sound Off: Loud event

Or if they had kids, or groceries.

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City offers Halloween activities for children

I thought the same thing! And it costs $7? Not a good deal! Are those details correct?

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Revised Ninth and New Hampshire project still fails review

I've always thought that lot would be perfect for an outdoor amphitheater as an extension of the arts center.

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Town Talk: UPDATE: New police HQ building to cost $30 million; City staff presents plan to buy 23,000 trash carts; city estimating 7,000 households would see rate decrease with cart plan

True true true! And remember, they won't take glass either, so you'll be paying for a service that meets only 2/3 of your recycling needs (give or take). I am at least relieved that they're not going to charge us for trash carts.

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KU student arrested for having gun in a scholarship hall

We just had keggers in BFeld, just keggers...

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Man threatened with a chainsaw during argument


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