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City leaders want to keep an eye on cracks at Sports Pavilion Lawrence

I read think the city ethics committee should look into this. I bet Christian Lyche wouldn't have let this happen.

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City Commission race stirs allegations of illicit partying and property damage

Nick, no need to be condescending. Treating your readers contemptuously is the mark of a small man.

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City Commission race stirs allegations of illicit partying and property damage

Francis, it's obvious you know neither Matt nor Rachel. Arrogant? Condescending? I'm not sure those words mean what you think that they mean.

I think it's unfortunate the LJW chose to post this, while cherry picking their facts and quoting (inaccurately) social media. However, If the dirt bag who pretended to be a church group doesn't want this out there, then he shouldn't act like an entitled, whiny little rich kid.

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Audit finds the city failed to bill businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments

Wait a damn minute.

Wasn't it Markus who eliminated the city auditor position a year or so back, as part of his budget cuts?

In fact, it was:

Markus needs to be asked if the elimination of the city auditor position in 2016 led to this failure. Instead of paying someone on payroll, he's now abdicated responsibility and will likely pay considerably more than the city would have in salary and benefits to a friggin consulting firm! I remember hating this decision at the time, and feel even more so now.

Perhaps the LJW can do a little more follow up, or at least google their own stories for more pertinent info.

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City Commission race stirs allegations of illicit partying and property damage

For one, the damage amount is far greater than what was quoted here. If the LJW reporters are going to scour social media for their information, they should at least be able to do so accurately.

Two, if this dirtbag Lyche really has the courage of his convictions, he should have answered the summons and defended himself. His behavior, and refusal to speak on the record, makes him look so, so guilty.

Lastly, I consider Rachel and Matt friends, and I know how heavily this issue weighed on them. They're good people. Dirt bag kid is not.

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Lawrence Arts Center development director to resign this summer

I'm curious why there is no comment from the *current* CEO.

Regardless, this is yet another major loss for the Arts Center. I can only hope the current CEO is on her way to becoming the former.

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City looking for new location for library skating rink

Sunk cost fallacy. Admit defeat and move on. I mean, those are three horrible alternatives. Just throw the damn thing away.

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Juneau to coach FSHS girls hoops

Ted's the best. Good luck!

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North Lawrence bar owner in hospital after car hits his bicycle, flees scene

Willits, you are a damn coward. Thousand dollar bond is a joke too.

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Plans filed for Dollar General store in eastern Lawrence; law office has expansion plans; local author has piece featured in New York Times

Greg, I believe it's the tenuous thread that so called massage parlors/salons are sometimes associated with human trafficking. But I've seen nothing to connect them to such activities, beyond Amy's speculation.

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