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New LHS softball coach going in with ‘open mind’

I was a thinkin maybe ole' Serate over at Free State might get this job. Not sure if he applied, but had to see him in green.

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Former Free State star Christian Ballard calls it quits in NFL

I hope he gets it together.
No where to go but up
Stay strong Christian!

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Lawrence football game rescheduled — again

It was at Shawnee Mission

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Longtime East Lawrence business Miracle Video closing

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Fourth annual Dr. Bob Run to be held Saturday

I'm glad Roy is coming in for the run.
It would be sweet if Bill Self ran as well...KU vs NC

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Sporting events expected to bring in visitors, impact Lawrence economy

Sounds like fun..who the he** cares if it is "for profit"? This is America...taking profit risks ensures we have things like this.

The only thing that i dont like is the running through "colored powder"...I cant beleive that is good for your lungs/eyes etc

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KU-Rice telecast available locally … at bars


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Hollywood writer credits Lawrence schools for career success

The article doesn't say when she graduated from Lhs

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Trio forms new Lawrence-based solar energy company

Are they making money on the subsidies? or do we get that?

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Free State fall sports jamboree teams played for nearly two hours .....

Dont think it was at the stadium
Plus, the pics do show the band and some cheerleaders, so its not just all football. but that was the main event

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