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Editorial: School surprise

Dr. Doll has been very consistant in how he operates. He has consistantly given the public false impressions, manipulated bond money for his own hidden agenda, and made poor use of our school resources. I am continually amazed that the community puts up with this man. Our children deserve someone interested in quality education, not politics. It's too bad that it is so difficult to remove a school superintendent in Douglas County. Thank goodness the teachers and principals care.

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School bond issue sails to passage

The District does it's part without deception or dishonesty...hahahahahahaha

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Editorial: Bond reservations

C'mon everyone. Drink the Koolaide. The School Board and Dr. Doll know what's best for our children and all of us. Never mind that our children will be paying for this bond one day, 30 million in interest is reasonable .

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Editorial: Bond reservations

PFC you don't know who GMom is, so can you say whether she was at a meeting or not? PFC could be Paramedic Fire Chief. Who knows, and, more importantly, who cares. I have no doubt that GMom is operating on the information provided by the district. Surely, that would all be true (dripping sarcasm).

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Editorial: Bond reservations

Sorry Toto, according to the U.S. Census, Lawrence is not growing. Furthermore, I see no place in which substantial growth to the core could occur. Why build new facilities, when a simple set of boundary changes would solve any pockets of overcrowding?

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Editorial: Bond reservations

Why are we expanding the Core Schools? Are we expecting a large number of families to flock to the existing neighborhoods? I recall that the district was all for closing some of these schools, in the name of efficiency, due to, in part the demographic of fewer young families in these areas. This may be a new board, but Dr. Doll is still in charge of this three ring circus. This budget panders to the core area of Lawrence, in order to get their votes. The only real growth may happen on the western edge of town. Maintain Core schools...of course. Expand Core schools..ridiculous. Give the school district 92.5 million in discretionary funds...Insane.

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Letter: Tax options

I would love to see the Rock Chalk project go on the ballot. If this project is approved, I would love to see it go out to bid with qualified construction companies. The cronyism practiced in Lawrence government, in giving all the plum projects to a certain few, needs to stop. This favoritism is systemic, and paid for out of our tax dollars. Look at the parking garage with the library attached to it that was approved. Who is going to use a library in the future? Certainly not the majority of the population. Technology such as Kindles and Networks have changed all of that.

Although I support the concept of additional recreation facilities for our community, I don't support Lawrence constructing a model mega sports park. In talking with my friends, there is a sense of disconnect between what some of the Lawrence officials propose and what the community would willingly pay for.

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Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

I am so tired of watching political analysts on t.v. likening any jackankle politico move to something that that would occur in Kansas.

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Court hearing granted in "birther" challenge to Obama's place on the Kansas ballot

The old "give them enough rope" theory.

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

While the men and women of our military are out risking their lives, defending free forms government, the knuckle draggers in the Kansas Legislature are trying to decimate it.

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