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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

Nazis were a national socialistic party. Socialists. Centralized control. Sounds like the nazis are democrats to me.

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

Just like the liberal newspaper editorials said - this election is a mandate on the Govenor - and Kansans spoke loud and clear. It sounds like the Reagan republicans will win around 28 seats, the rinos around 6 seats and the democrats 6 seats in November.

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Conservative-Moderate GOP battles in Kansas reflected in campaign finance reports

Liberal republicans in the KS senate back the union agenda in the last session and now have received hundreds of thousands of $$$ from the unions. Shocked I tell you, I'm shocked:). I can hardly wait until Tuesday to see how this pans out.

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Political novices want shot at elder statesman

Tony Hensley is the best friend republicans ever had. He runs off every democrat who is a threat to his leadership and every democrat who doesn't pass his hard left litmus test. Now after 28 years of Hensley in the state senate, democrats are left with holding 8 out of 40 state senate seats and the possibility of losing 2-3 more in November. But all kidding aside, he was the defacto president of the state senate. He ran the whole show with Steve Morris obeying his every whim. And for that he deserves accolades from every democrat in the legislature, all 41 of em.

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3 Democrats vying for chance to challenge U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins

Why would anyone in Lawrence vote for the trial attorney who led the efforts to stop construction of the southern bypass, costing taxpayers millions, creating congestion on city streets, and lining his own pockets with fees paid by taxpayers?

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Shawnee DA reviewing info in Kansas meetings probe

My point is this: the DA could have wrapped this up months ago. To release findings now just proves it's political partisan gamesmanship. So I don't think his press release is worth a hoot.

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Shawnee DA reviewing info in Kansas meetings probe

Interesting that a democrat DA has chosen to wrap this up and publically release his findings on the eve of the primary election - nice political hatchet job.

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Candidates talk about jobs, health care, schools and tax cuts

Vote for Bob Eye! Only he will stop all federal infrastructure and highway spending in and around Lawrence. He will put a stop to the Southern Bypass and he will bury any hope for an eastern bypass in the future. Congressmen have the power to do those types of things.

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Do you support the decision by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold the state’s approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands?

If Bob Eye is elected to congress, he'll put a stop to this trafficway. Congressmen do those types of things.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals upholds state's approved route of South Lawrence Trafficway through the Baker Wetlands

I'm surprised Eye isn't whining about the number of bugs who will lose their life on a windshield after the traffic way is built. If Lawrence sends him to congress all the world will know about KS, that's for sure.

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