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Statehouse Live: Eudora woman says she will run for state insurance commissioner

A couple of points to keep in mind: 1. Sandy isn't running for reelection. 2. Aaron Jack is the govenors candidate.

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House committee approves bill that would prohibit teachers union from using voluntary paycheck donations for political advocacy

I agree, the govenor needs to issue an executive order decertifying public sector unions.

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Freebirds Burrito set to open Jan. 31 in downtown Lawrence; company looking for co-tenant for building

Head and shoulders above Chipotle. I've eaten at the one at 60th and Metcalf a couple of times; best southwestern food I've ever had.

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Challenges flared in Senate Democratic leadership races

I'm not from Lawrence, but I can say this: Francisco is well liked and respected by all her colleagues in the senate.

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School finance ruling delayed until around New Year's

Don't be surprised if the State senate, house and the executive branch simply ignore the courts decision if they don't like it. Then employ hardball tactics to get 84 votes in the house to change how judges are selected (there's probably already 27 votes in the senate).

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Challenges flared in Senate Democratic leadership races

Tom Holland is an honorable man, but I like the results of the senator Hensley's leadership.

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Kansas Democrats down to 1 legislator from western part of state

Jan is a follower of Jesus Christ, so her values do reflect Jesus's teaching on life and marriage, but she is also a strong labor advocate - she's very pro-union. So I think she be a democrat until they kick her out. It's crazy that democrats want to run her out of the party.

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State Sen. Schodorf says she is leaving GOP

I think it's good for both parties to have clearly defined distinctions. Jean has always been a democrat in principle and it's good for her to finally be honest about it. Others should and will follow her lead.

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AP source: Romney picks Ryan for running mate

I think the country needs an open debate on trillion $$ annual deficits and the nearly 17 trillion $$ debt. For this reason alone it's a great pick and a bold decision by Romney. I haven't been a Romney fan but this choice says he's the type of leader our country needs.

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Conservatives appear to be taking control of state Senate

Jack - how can democrats rebuild your party? The democrat leadership in KS is more interested in re-registering democrats to help rinos than building up the democratic party. When it comes to building a democratic movement your leadship has disengaged. Democrats need immediate and drastic change.

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