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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

Word out of a legislative committee meeting in Topeka today...."as of today, not one Kansan has purchase a health insurance policy through the exchange". Wow, we are paying 1.3 trillion for ObamaCare and not one single person from Kansas has signed up yet. My portion of my employer provided BCBS premium just went up 30%. Thanks Obama, you're awesome!

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KU journalism professor Guth placed on leave as school reviews comment he made on Twitter on shootings

Guth's twit was hate speech. He needs sensitivity counseling, but he sounds too arrogant to benefit from it. The biggest winner here is KSU. They are out-recruiting KU for instate undergrad kids already and this reinforces the stereotypes and concerns many parents have about KU. Parents do want the very best in a college experience for their kids and Guth is having a negative impact on recruitment.

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Speculation starts on who would run for Davis' legislative seat if he runs for governor

Davis should make sure Obama has a nice job guaranteed in DC if he takes on Brownback, because his little quest will end his KS political career outside of Lawrence. Let Hodgson have the Davis house seat, sounds like the democrats need some new, fresh energy and she fits the bill.

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Davis seen as possible Democratic opponent to Gov. Brownback

I'm sure Paul Davis is a good guy, but he's gonna get crushed by the machine Brownback has built. His political career will be over so I hope the President has a federal job promised to him in exchange for this death wish. I understand Detroit is nice most of the time.

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Democrats expect nominee for governor soon

Obama will drag down any democrat running in 2014. My share of my employer provided health ins premium is increasing by 35% thanks to ObamaCare. Obama's EPA has declared war on energy production, our utility bills will double. Gas at the pump has steadily increased from $1.75 in Jan 2009 to more than double that today. Obama is destroying middle class family budgets and devastating families. Anyone considering running as a democrat might want to hold off this election cycle. No need to ruin a career like Raj Goyle did in 2010.

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Kansans to receive $4 million in insurance refunds under Affordable Care Act, White House reports

Our HR department just held meetings to let us know how ObamaCare is impacting the employee share of health insurance premiums. I can either pay a 35% increase in my share of the premium or have my deductible go from 1,000 to 5,000. Wow, Obama and the democrats are waging war on middle class family budgets. Gas at the pump has doubled sine January 2009, Obama's EPA is going to double my utility bills, and I have this massive ObamaCare cost increase coming in January. I'll never vote for another democrat again!

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Environmentalists say provision in House-approved farm bill would make it easier to build coal-burning Sunflower plant

Actually, you picked the peak of 2008, it fell quickly- this article from Feb 2012 tracks it accurately...

( – The average price for one gallon of unleaded gasoline has increased nearly every month since Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009. At that time, when George W. Bush was leaving office, the price was $1.78 per gallon. Today, three years and one month later, the average price is $3.64.

In addition, according to the average price data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices (in nominal dollars: not adjusted for inflation) peaked during Bush’s second term at $4.09 per gallon in July 2008 and then fell to $2.15 in November, when there was an election, and fell further in December 2008 to $1.68

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Environmentalists say provision in House-approved farm bill would make it easier to build coal-burning Sunflower plant

We need to aggressively put new coal fired plants online. Obstacles to oil exploration and refining must be removed immediately. Gas prices at the pump have doubled from the start of the Obama administration. Now the hard left wants to double my utility bills. Next week I find out at work what ObamaCare will do to my employer paid health insurance; I sure hope my share of health insurance costs don't double too. You hard lefties are destroying family budgets. Stop this insanity!!

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Lawrence attorney Wakefield may challenge Jenkins in U.S. House race

Her candidacy is dead because of her documented advocacy for ObamaCare. Even employer plan premiums will skyrocket and employers will shove employees to the federal exchanges - nice person but she picked the wrong year to run.

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KU spring enrollment dips; officials hope for turnaround in autumn

Pay no attention to KSU. Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

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