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Cases of newborn abandonment lead AG to promote law allowing parents to leave babies at 'Safe Havens'

be3 (Anonymous) says…
This is what you get when you start handing out condoms in school. Kids think sex is ok.

Handing out condoms at school is not a bad thing. Face it, if a student wants to have sex, they will. If they have condoms they will use them. If not, then 'in the heat of the moment' they will most likely decided to go for it anyways, which will lead to pregnancy.

So which would you rather, be3?

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Random things I learned about my mom through Facebook


Adressing problems to someone over the internet is a Junior High thing to do. If you can't talk to your own kids about something face to face, you probably.. well i'll just leave it at that.

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Have you received your Kansas state tax refund yet?

I should get it on friday.. doubt that's going to happen though.

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Sixth Street Wal-Mart to open on April 29; 235 to be hired

How old do you have to be to work there?

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What's your favorite way to beat the heat?

There ARE swimming lessons offered in the indoor pool, but they keep it very warm inside the IAC.

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Victim identified in fatal motorcycle crash

CountrygirlI wouldn't necessarily call it luck that brought him here. =-/

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Victim identified in fatal motorcycle crash

No kidding. I think that having a law that makes motorcyclist's use their headlights at ALL times, (even during the day) could keep a lot of this from happening. If it was a matter of the semi driver not seeing the cycle, then maybe if the headlight was on, it would have made a big difference.

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Victim identified in fatal motorcycle crash

Trobs- I agree with you that the motorcyclist might have been speeding, based off of the damage to the helmet, but I'm wondering if maybe the cyclist went under the semi. Such a thing could easily cause such damage to the helmet, and end Mr.Puckett's life.

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Victim identified in fatal motorcycle crash

I drove by this morning on my way to the Dr.'s office and saw the big mark in the road where the motorcycle had obviously landed. Last night there were so many police cars still there around 9 pm that you could see the flashing lights from highway 59. My stomach turns to think that this horrible chain of events may not be over with. My prayers go to everyone associated with any of the fatality accidents that have striked around us lately.

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Victim identified in fatal motorcycle crash

The residents who lived in my house before my family had the last name of Puckett. The article says he is from Indiana. Does that mean he resided there or was originally from there?

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