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Town's generosity restores family's gifts, helps them get a car

Again, as I stated yesterday, if Keith receives $700 in Disability payments, that is over the limit for cash assistance, so where are some of you getting the information they receive welfare payments? Many people who work still receive Food Stamp benefits, a program which is regulated by the USDA. Since Keith is apparently receiving Social Security Disability benefits, those are issued by the Social Security Administration and are based on the amount of money he contributed to the system while he was able to work. If you are complaining about them using the Success by 6 Program, I would much rather see children helped to reach the stages they need to be at than them to fall behind their peers. There is some great research being conducted currently regarding brain development of infants and children and what happens if they don't reach those stages by a certain age. Some were upset about her getting medical assistance. Kansas has one of the worst records for infant mortality, so pregnant women are encouraged to get medical assistance if needed. If a woman qualifies ANYTIME during her pregnancy, the child has automatic medical coverage thru it's 1st birthday. Also, there is a Federal Block Grant for Healthwave=this program provides medical coverage for children of families in up to 200% poverty level for those that don't have insurance.

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Pregnant mom struggles to regain Christmas gifts after car towed

It's amazing to me how many of you are writing in about issues you obviously have no information about. IF Mr. Jones is drawing Social Security Disability payments, as the article implies, he is drawing because he has enough wages in the system to draw from. If he were drawing Supplemental Security Income, that means he doesn't have enough work history. That is not what this article implies. If he is getting Social Security Disability, he is unable to work! Or, at least would not be able to work much. I don't know many companies who want to hire schizophrenics. I don't know many companies hiring women who are obviously 9 months pregnant, nor many doctors who are going to release her to work immediately after having a baby. Also, there are many people in Douglas County who receive Food Stamps while they are working as they remain within the income guidelines.

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Pregnant mom struggles to regain Christmas gifts after car towed

Success by 6 is a program to help make sure children reach the levels they should be at by the age of 6. How do you know if this family is on Food Stamps, getting medical assistance, etc? Those services come from the SRS office and that would be confidential information. The Success by 6 Program is a great program, but is not affiliated with the State. A family could be receiving assistance from both, but might have services from one or the other. Just so you know, the family is over income for cash assistance if they have $700 a month.

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Vicious dog ordinance keeping county busy

I AM a German Shepherd/Akita mix. Frequently, I bark, but don't bite (don't tell anyone). I think that it is GREAT to get rid of VICIOUS dogs, but leave us well-meaning pets alone! When the City passed the law about no dogs being tied up for over an hour, at the City Commission Meeting, it was said ONLY when neighbors complained, would people be ticketed and it was all because of Drug Dealers/dogs being trained in some North Lawrence neighborhood. Looks to me like the County already had/has laws on the books, so this limited hr to be tied up is UNECESSARY.

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Evolution teaching debate makes its way into Kansas history museums


Buddhists care not a wit about the creation of the world.

The founder of the Buddhist religion was quite specific on that point. He felt it was irrelevant to the problem of suffering.



We will not tolerate another breakdown in protocol.

You are to say "We are from France". You have been told to use no other explanation for our presence here on Earth. Return to your shelter unit and consume mass quantities.

Do not mention the Garthoks again.

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Caring for Gulf Coast animals

I thiink it is sad that Shardwurm & pzkg1 do not recognize the importance of the animals & their benefits to the people. Pets are wonderful companions and can provide great comfort. I hope as many as possible will be able to be reunited with their owners.

I saw a show once about a lady who had taken a therapy dog for the professionals that helped during 9/11. There are other animals that help children with learning disabilities. Some are just pets (well not to their owners)These animals that are pets deserve to be rescued, too. Animals are amazing!

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City ready to house evacuees

Father Joseph lives in Lawrence. That is listed in another article. I don't know where he is from originally, but he speaks both Vietnamese & English fluently.

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Money muddies mural project

I'm amazed that a story in the LJW gets published with "students" for the subject with "is" for the verb.
I think the reporter needs to go back to elementary school!

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