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What is your favorite memory from 2009?

For the first time in a very long time, the husband and I had a good year.

Our youngest graduated from KU, we got a new grandchild....our first grandson and our 3 daughters got married!!

Wishing all a Happy New Year ; )

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Mizzou alums seek KU students of similar stripe

mom_of_three...that is funny.

That brought back a "memory" for me.

When my middle daughter was in band in high school they attended Band Day in Manhattan.

My husband and I were chaperone's. I was totally decked out in my KU garb.

Didn't know, til the last minute, that we were going to walk with the band in the parade.

Yes, I was BOOED the entire time. I just smiled and waved at those who booed me.

Good times....good times.

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What’s your favorite snack food when watching KU basketball?

My fingernails!!! ;)

Seriously, popcorn and a tall glass of Pepsi.

I do agree with "grammaddy"

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What is on your little one’s Santa list?

I don't have "little ones" at home anymore. My "little one" turned 22 on the 15th!!I do have 2 granddaughter's though. One is 7 years old and the other one will be 5 in January.They were easy to shop for.....anything "Hannah Montanta" and "High School Musical" for the 7 year old. I was able to find lots of reasonably priced items."Hello Kitty" stuff for the almost 5 year old.Now, I need to shop for my 4 adult kids......."dejacrew423"....sorry your 4 year old is sick. Sounds like a "flu" bug to me. I'm just sayin.Happy Holidays!! :)

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Final: Reesing's fourth-quarter drive leads KU to 40-37 win over MU

Woo Hoo....what an amazing finish to an amazing game.I'm way too old for this.Poor lil Mizzewwww :)Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!

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What is your favorite Mexican dish?

Good one "trinity" ;) I will take Antonio Banderas thank you.Any of the Mexican dishes I make are pretty tasty......was taught from the best.....Mi Abuela and Mi Mama. I love red chile with pork.....hotter than hades but delish

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Mario and the miracle!

Rise & is truly a BEAUTIFUL day in the State of Kansas!!!

Congrats to all the Coaches and Players for a wild fun nail biting ride.

Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!

Pogo....never mind. You are even worth it.

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Price to live in KU student housing may go up again

Oh, crack me up. Thanks for the medical advice. You are so nice.

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Price to live in KU student housing may go up again

Oh, and the bashing on ME has begun huh?

Well, what "Coach Eric" the article again before you open up a can of "whoop A**" on me okay?

"booze" and "tony" do you have a child at KU? Where do they live? Do you help pay for their housing?

For the record, I do intend to lambast on Ms. Robertson. I have just begun to start my grinchin and once I get goin, there is NO stopping me.

My child DOES live in a Scholarship Hall and the cost of living in that Hall is going up. To the point that it would be cheaper to live in one of the Residence Hall's and NOT have to do any "house duties".

From a little over 3k to over 4k.

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Price to live in KU student housing may go up again

Well, isn't this just a little interesting......Ms. Robertson FAILED to mention the cost of living in a Scholarship Hall is going up as well. Why don't you ask her about that?

Since I do have a child attending KU and living in a Hall, I am curious to hear Ms. Robertson's explaination on that.

She is NOT giving you all the facts......

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