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Lawsuits over Kansas voter registration law remain on track

If Kobach or Kobach's boy Trump somehow cancel the 2018 elections, this whole case will be resolved as moot before the 2018 election.

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Ex-KU guard Russell Robinson finds overseas career rewarding

It is impossible to imagine a Jayhawk fan who does not with Russell Robinson well.

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McLemore: Summer league struggles correctable

The happiest of birthdays Ted.

July 19, 2013 at 9:21 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Mizzou’s Pinkel pines for return of Border War

Gary Pinkel. Gary Pinkel? Rings a bell. I guess.

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Undrafted Travis Releford, Elijah Johnson join NBA summer squads

No-drama and psycho-drama ... I love them both, and wish them both well in basketball and in life to the nth degree. I love Kevin Young, too. As to Kevin, I wonder if he could be a successful coach. There is no question but that he knows basketball in the grittiest way. And there is no question whatsoever but that Kevin Young is a high-quality leader. The question is: Will there ever be a successful happy coach? If a non-vituperative non-yeller coach with a smile on his face could put together a winner, that coach might just be Kevin Young.

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Power struggle: Four spot well-stocked during Bill Self decade

An awesome group. All will stick in our memories.

I've got a soft spot for Kevin Young, a unique team leader by virtue of his effort and enthusiasm, and in other ways. He showed younger players how to grow up by growing up.

He's my guy.

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Big 12 academic list includes 37 KU freshmen

Rock Chalk!

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Current, former KU football players among three arrested in connection with home invasion

I, too, am confident that when Coach Weis has enough information, he will act appropriately. And I --for one-- am relieved that he is investigating before acting. Although --based upon this and other reports of the same incident-- Mr. Martin's life is suddenly bereft of its once abundant opportunities, there are reasons that we first have the trial, and only then the hanging.

This does sound like the archtypical "home invasion" -- some kids trying to take down a drug house.

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