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Judge orders trial, upgrades some charges in downtown Lawrence triple murder case

Break the cycle by imposing lengthy sentences on these three if they are found guilty.

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Letter to the editor: Keep Beaty at KU

The Kansas Football team is administered and coached the the Three Stoogies. KU has finished in last place or next to last last in the conference for eight years. Assuming the Jayhawks lose out then this impressive streak of failure will stretch to nine years. Tar and feather these fools. Run then out of town on a rail. Make them wear a scarlet L branding them as losers. Please do not create a list of excuses for the pitiful performances seen week after week.

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KU investigation clears professor who used N-word in class

A four month investigation to tell us what we knew. Word spoken in an academic exercise. Four months salary wasted. Professor declared innocent but still must be reprogrammed by KU thought and speech police. This is Alice in Wonderland stuff. It tells me that KU has way to much money that it is happy to waste respources while striving for political correctness. Very sad.

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KU vote funds separate, multicultural student government; organizers call move unprecedented among U.S. universities

It is hard to believe the University will now sanction separate but equal organizations. KU and the students clearly have too much extra time on their hands and too much money that they are happy to waste. I just called the KU Endowment Association to let them know that if KU is going to a separate but equal philosophy then please do not ask me for any more financial support.

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City seeks more than $500,000 from Oread group after audit finds possible violations of state sales tax law

This is the continuation of an old story practiced forever. The well connected insider gets a special deal that regular taxpayers never get. But that is not enough. The greedy insider tries to takes even more. Then when called out to explain the rotten mess the excuses follow such as the dog ate our records. Government hires outside auditors because no one on the bloated city payroll is competent to do the audit and after much delay the truth is determined. Everyone involved claims there was confusion stating that everyone just wanted to make the town better. A check is written to make it right and when the dust settled business goes on as usual.

My question is why would any resident of Lawrence continue frequenting The Oread to support a business that tries to cheat the people of Lawrence. Punish the business by staying away from the business. There are other hotels, restaurants and bars in town that fully pay their sales taxes. Stop being a customer of tax chislers.

December 17, 2015 at 8:09 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Letter: Drowning hopes

Sorry, KU Football is not entertaining and needs to be fixed. Compared to full stadiums in 2007 half of the fans have voted with their feet against KU resulting in terrible attendance. The decade of despair continues with little relief in sight. It is past time for the KUAD bigwigs making big salaries to fix football or be fired.

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

This is a giant step forward for KU! This room is fully equipped with a table and chairs. I have never seen a room more equipped for mediation. I am very proud of my school for coming up with this idea!, Imagine a room with a table and chairs for people to sit in. Wow. Go KU! Maybe some day we can build upon this by creating a safe room where worried and fearful young children can run and hide for thoughts and speech that challenges them to think independently.

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Your turn: Koch ties to KU concern students

How scary when we see the Koch Brothers acting within the bounds of the law doing what Americans have a constitutional right to do. Yes my friends be afraid. Sit and cower while hoping the well funded left comes to your rescue from this nightmare. If we are lucky KU and all of Kansas can be saved from the Koch Brothers legal actions.

Give me a break you Chicken Littles.

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Editorial: Winning ways

I think Perkins did some much damage to KU sports that it is difficult to quantify. That said he has been gone 3-4 years and football progress is hard to see. Good Jayhawk fans have voted with their feet to say no more bad football . Like me they have found other things to do on game day than engage in watching the poor product put on the field. It is time for accountability with KU Athletics. Win or be gone.

November 30, 2013 at 4:23 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Editorial: Winning ways

It is way past time for KU to compete in football. The recent past and current state of the program hurt the Athletic Department, the University and the City of Lawrence. I have not been to Lawrence in nearly four years and I will not return for a football game until the Jayhawk football team shows me it can compete. I know I am not the only person who will not spend money at KU or in Lawrence.

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