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Letter: Drowning hopes

Sorry, KU Football is not entertaining and needs to be fixed. Compared to full stadiums in 2007 half of the fans have voted with their feet against KU resulting in terrible attendance. The decade of despair continues with little relief in sight. It is past time for the KUAD bigwigs making big salaries to fix football or be fired.

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KU designates 'reflection room' for students of all faiths or no faith to pray, meditate

This is a giant step forward for KU! This room is fully equipped with a table and chairs. I have never seen a room more equipped for mediation. I am very proud of my school for coming up with this idea!, Imagine a room with a table and chairs for people to sit in. Wow. Go KU! Maybe some day we can build upon this by creating a safe room where worried and fearful young children can run and hide for thoughts and speech that challenges them to think independently.

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Your turn: Koch ties to KU concern students

How scary when we see the Koch Brothers acting within the bounds of the law doing what Americans have a constitutional right to do. Yes my friends be afraid. Sit and cower while hoping the well funded left comes to your rescue from this nightmare. If we are lucky KU and all of Kansas can be saved from the Koch Brothers legal actions.

Give me a break you Chicken Littles.

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Editorial: Winning ways

I think Perkins did some much damage to KU sports that it is difficult to quantify. That said he has been gone 3-4 years and football progress is hard to see. Good Jayhawk fans have voted with their feet to say no more bad football . Like me they have found other things to do on game day than engage in watching the poor product put on the field. It is time for accountability with KU Athletics. Win or be gone.

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Editorial: Winning ways

It is way past time for KU to compete in football. The recent past and current state of the program hurt the Athletic Department, the University and the City of Lawrence. I have not been to Lawrence in nearly four years and I will not return for a football game until the Jayhawk football team shows me it can compete. I know I am not the only person who will not spend money at KU or in Lawrence.

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Everyday Life: The only thing we have to fear …

I read this editorial and shed a tear for the way we in America treat our financial criminals. Long prison terms and heavy fines! Can't we all just get along? If we gave them a monthly check instead of incarceration they could cease their lives of crime and do good things for our communities. Given financial stability and enhanced self esteem these one time criminals and social outcasts could reengage in society to help build a better future for all.

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Run it up? Oklahoma Sooners wouldn't stoop so low

Sad. With no hope of winning the local papers run articles begging for slack from our opponents. I guess there really is nothing else that the reporter can truthfully write on concerning this team.

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D-tackles difficult to find

Landers should be panders. Consistence should be consistent. Try to stay ahead of spelling police. Thanks

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Keeston Terry switch frees safety’s mind

The coach wants to make sure he does not act with haste. This is the type of complacency that people develop when they get 5 year guaranteed contracts to be paid ten million dollars. This coach will bear no consequences for putting a miserable product on the field. Gil does not have to worry about running the program into the ground as Lew Perkins set him up for life. The KU fans get to live with the results.

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D-tackles difficult to find

I agree that finding great interior defensive linemen is difficult but bringing no one to play the position is a blue print for the nations worst defense. This article just landers to the mistakes of the worst coaching staff in the Big 12. I wish the writer could be honest and just lay the bare truth out for readers that the KU defense cannot compete in BCS football and probably not be a consistence winner at the FCS level of competition. We do not need articles that try to provide excuses for Kansas football mediocrity.

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