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Community Health Assessment finds stark disparities between neighborhoods in Lawrence, Douglas County

The point Dan Partridge is making is that lifespan is something that can be impacted by public health policy if we understand what contributes to poor health. The average lifespan in Douglas County (like the U.S.) has increased substantially in recent times, due in large part to public health interventions (in fact, we live a little longer, on average). We KNOW there are effective policy strategies (and not just individual choices) that we CAN implement to prevent and reduce the chronic diseases and injury that are the leading causes of death in our community.

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Information session on potential whitewater outdoor center scheduled for Thursday

I want to respond to Chad Lawhorn'/ comment that a spokesperson from KDWPT indicated that LiveWell Lawrence requested this meeting, That is not the case. LiveWell was contacted by KDWPT through Lawrence Parks and Recreation to invite members to attend an informational meeting. The coalition is not formally involved in this meeting and has not taken a formal position in relation to the proposed project.

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City asked to financially back outdoor rec center at Clinton State Park

I have spent little time looking at the proposal, so I'll avoid commentary at this point, except it's not yet clear to me why a man-made structure of this kind needs to be superimposed on what is already a recreational gem in our region and state. However, I would like to point out that the study Gene Bradley is referencing appears to be based on analysis of communities that already had natural whitewater amenities and where limited infrastructure and service development was needed. That does not appear to be the case here, where multi-million dollar investment would be needed. That study was about river stewardship as well, and that is also not a factor in this discussion.

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Sunflower Foundation grants $110,000 for part of Lawrence Loop

I want also to recognize the role of the leadership of the LiveWell Lawrence coalition, and in particular, the "Healthy Built Environment" work group, in this work. Discussions among coalition leaders and other partners have been critical to ongoing development of the loop trail, including work that led to the funding decision by the Sunflower Foundation and the city for this particular segment of the trail.

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Sunflower Foundation grants $110,000 for part of Lawrence Loop

Hi Clara, I agree there are some areas where "retrofitting" trail will be difficult. At this point the loop is only conceptual. Planners and engineers have yet to configure actual physical plans for the remaining segments (I'm not one of those planners or engineers, so I also can't provide much professional insight into what that will look like). It would be fantastic to eventually have a loop where there is little/no conflict with cars, but for now we are likely to have a loop that does have some inevitable street crossings, even across busy roadways. Bridges, tunnels and other conflict avoidance strategies are extremely expensive and are unlikely to be deployed at every conflict point with automobiles. That said, I still firmly believe it will be a great asset for our community!

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Lawrence group begins effort to raise tobacco-purchasing age to 21

What seems to be substantially overlooked in this discussion is that "tobacco 21" rules are not created in isolation. They are part of comprehensive efforts, including tobacco-free spaces (like clean indoor air policies), price increases (as enacted by the state legislature last year), efforts to support cessation (like tobacco quitlines and education of health care professionals how to help patients quit), and others. Research is clear that comprehensive, coordinated policy approaches help decrease rates of tobacco use, and rates are dropping dramatically in the U.S. as a result of integrated policy approaches. I

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Common Ground program looks to expand past established roots

Thanks to everyone involved in this program, particularly the volunteers who help coordinate and manage each of the community gardens. It's great to see more gardens popping up all over our community -- at schools, worksites, Common Ground sites. It's a great sign of a healthy community to see this "movement!"

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Lawrence group begins effort to raise tobacco-purchasing age to 21

The State of Kansas spends an estimated $171 in health care expenditures each year attributable to diseases caused by smoking. If we are going to control the escalating costs of health care in this country, we are not going to do it by reforming the health care system. We will only achieve cost control by effectively dealing with the principal causes of death and disability. The leading causes of death in Douglas County are diseases attributable to tobacco use. Tobacco use begins in adolescence for the vast majority of users, and leads to life-long addiction. Adopting evidence-based strategies like high purchasing ages makes sense financially, is good for youth and is good for society as a whole.

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City Commission to decide on tobacco ban in Lawrence parks and other recreational areas

Lawrence has joined over 1,200 other communities nationwide who now have smoke-free parks. Parks and Recreation officials have indicated that it is unlikely that users of parks in remote areas are going to be substantially effected by this policy. LPRD's primary interest is to keep tobacco from being used in high-traffic areas like band concerts or spectator areas around ball fields. The policy is just a piece of paper; enforcement is the real issue. I'm confident Lawrence Parks and Recreation will adopt and enforce this policy in an effective and reasonable manner.

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City Commission to decide on tobacco ban in Lawrence parks and other recreational areas

The increase in advertising was for the period 2011-2014, according to the CDC.

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