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Town Talk: Downtown Italian restaurant set to open today; sad tale of how Lawrence Hereford House led to crime; city to recycle unwanted trash cans on Friday

I put a trash bag in my old trash can and carried out my trash bag, left my can in the garage b/c there's not enough room to pull the can in an out when I have both cars in there. My garage just isn't big enough, wish it was wider. And we're on a hill so I can't just pull it to the side of the house.

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Town Talk: Downtown Italian restaurant set to open today; sad tale of how Lawrence Hereford House led to crime; city to recycle unwanted trash cans on Friday

So excited for the Italian restaurant. I've eaten at Charlie Gitto's several times and love it. The crabcakes at Gitto's have always been my favorite so I hope they're just as good here at Intorno, can't wait to try it! And don't know what bolognese is?!? Watch some FoodNetwork, it is a classic Italian dish.

I just got my trash can this morning...Yippie (sarcastic)! I have no where to put this thing!

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I've been getting slices at Keno's for 12 years and I keep getting them b/c they are so good. Huge slices and yummy! In the past the customer service has been lacking but recently it's been very enjoyable. I don't care about their financial status, managerial problems or any of's about the food, that is what review's should be based on.

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Love Rudy's! The pizza's are great. Crispy crust and great selection of toppings. Their za's are awesome too. I love their building, going downstairs and small little hole in the wall. I don't like the hour wait for delivery but it's worth it.

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We ordered a 18" pie and it was the worst pizza I've ever had. Just at first glance it was covered in grease (I know there will be some grease and no grease is impossible). The crust was so soggy and floppy you couldn't even pick up a slice without all the toppings sliding right off and crust ripping apart. It may have been under-cooked or it soaked so much grease it got soggy. After trying one slice I lost my appetite.

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Only in Lawrence 2012

I love that the LJW does this piece! It would be great to recognize more people from the community and do this twice a year or more!

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For Carolyn Landgrebe, a life of volunteering is a life well spent

Carolyn you are an angel! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do!

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Love half price burger night and gusto special! The burgers are always cooked perfectly and so good! We recently tried the jalapeno rav's and wasn't sure if I'd like them or not and they were good. I would get them again.

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Cake was dry, should be moist and soft but it was actually kind of hard. Frosting was tasty but the cake is most important in my opinion.

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Sound Off: When will the city begin to paint new lanes on city streets?

South side of Kasold at Clinton Parkway and Kasold...some people stop almost in the intersection because you can't see where to stop.

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