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Lawrence faith leaders to hold prayer vigil for SRS situation

"All of the churches in town and the space sits empty during the weekdays."

Not so. For example, First Baptist at 14th & Kasold (American Baptist) houses the Head Start program. Some churches/faith groups also take turns hosting Family Promise in their buildings, which houses homeless families. Your idea isn't unprecedented, and it's a good one. I hope it will be considered as an option.

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In meeting on Tuesday, county commissioners will hear fiscal costs of closing SRS office

*giggles at "fat cat"* Obviously you don't know Craig Weinaug personally.

Been out in the heat too long today, Alceste? Feeling a little cranky? Bet if you search for your own last name in KS at the link you mentioned, you'd find just as many on the list.

Entertaining stuff. Presumptuous and erroneous, but entertaining.

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Supporters of Kansas Arts Commission vow to overturn Brownback's decision to eliminate agency

It will not be a benefit to the Lawrence Children's Choir, who receives funding from the Kansas Arts Commission. They already solicit private donations and do their own fundraising, and even with KAC and Nat'l Endowment for the Arts support, they still operate on a tight budget. Losing KAC funding may cause them to go under.

LCC is just one example. With KAC's likely loss of funds from NEA as a result of the privatization, it gives KAC a lot of fundraising ground to make up just to get back to their present level. As bluedawg79 points out, all so we can each save .29/year. My opinion: this is a pointless, mindless cut that, however well intended by Gov. Brownback, will have negative consequences on the perception of our state and our quality of life. Impact of those consequences = 100% of Kansans, regardless of whether or not those Kansans could explain or were even aware of the work of the KAC. (I enjoyed LCC performances before I was aware that KAC supported them or even existed.)

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Statehouse Live: Brownback's budget cuts raise concerns about special education funding

Cutting wasteful spending is good.

Having more money to spend doesn't always mean it's spent in the most efficient or effective way.

However, with education in KS, the cuts are beyond just cutting the fat. It's like hitting a plateau in weight loss, and deciding the best way to continue losing is to cut off a leg--or your head.

And darn. New Jersey beat us to Mark Zuckerberg.

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What's that thing on the 6News Towercam?

Or, could be the seeum, the significantly larger and much less camera-shy relative of the noseeum.

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What's that thing on the 6News Towercam?

Democrat? Republican? Tea Party? Can't really tell, but it's definitely a politician.

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Kansas Senate takes up bill to ban texting while driving

LOL! It is now. Words evolve. "Friend" wasn't a verb either, but it's a verb in common usage now since facebook came along.

Texting is inattentive driving on steroids. There's something about it that, to me, seems to it rank close to the top of the list of other forms of inattentiveness common in driving situations. You're driving with one hand, reading and looking for the tiny little letter keys as you're typing with your thumb with the other hand...recipe for disaster.

Not sure we need a separate law specifically for it though. Inattentive driving laws should cover it.

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Mass distraction: University Theatre stages contemporary play scrutinizing how an over-stimulated society treats ADD

Sensory processing disorders can also sometimes look like ADHD. One of my kids is sensory seeking (as opposed to sensory avoiding), and sensory seeking kids need to be able to move in order to focus. The fidgeting makes it look like he's not focusing at all, when actually he's trying his hardest. An occupational therapist diagnosed him, thank goodness, otherwise we wouldn't have that understanding.

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KU student on bike hit by car

gnome, didn't you get the little paper bicycle license in grade school on bicycle safety day? Apparently my little attempt at humor was littler than I thought. :)

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Parkinson raises the possibility of a tax hike as revenue comes up another $15 million short of projections

Liberty275 (Anonymous) says…

"I already pay way too much in state taxes for the privilege of living in the middle of a cornfield."

If you build it, He will come. :)

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