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Plants' CO2 would help crops, lawmaker says

Yeah plants like CO2. It's a power source which helps in photosynthetic processes. The one thing NOBODY has mentioned is the other greenhouse gases like ozone (O3). Plants hate that stuff. The atmosphere is predicted to be full of O3 by 2050 by wizards and sorcerers.

Guess what, its like going to an all you can eat buffet. You got that great healthy salad over there but if your like me that never gets ingested. Only the greasy, empty carb and ohhh so unhealthy food gets in this tummy! 'Cept for plants cause their mouths are called stomata and they just open up whenever they want to and intake it all.

We cant stop whats going to happen nor predict what will. Just let them evil wizards and sorcerers continue with their grant writing so those that lust for profit dont have to put on a lab coat.

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Will you buy the Harry Potter book tonight?

I'm Jesus!

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Evolution issue tips board's balance

swbsow you should worry more about english 101 and proper grammer before discussing intro courses to sociology. Kids should be introduced to that but i think focused knowledge of mathmatics and good language skills should come to our children first then let them discover find their own personal journey in spirituality from the entire world around them. Even if that means handling snakes from time to time.

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Evolution issue tips board's balance

Just throwing this out here for everybody to ponder.

A friend of mine is researching planarians. These neat little creatures have the ability to regenerate body parts when cut except in a few specific areas. This research is trying to investigate the usefullness of stem-cells derived from insulin genes. Its going to be a long time before they are used for humans but the basic idea is that stem cells can be found in other life forms on this planet besides our species and furthermore used for the regeneration of human tissue.

My other friend is researching the regeneration of bodyparts by tadpoles. You cut off an arm and it grows back, kinda like a lizard tail. Thier research deals with the regrowth of amputee patients though and not stem cells.

I think science today has dogded a bullet and hopefully tightend its helmet. If this type of analytical debate about science and relegion can be constructed out of pure emotional responses then why cant we take that ideal to the classrooms? Not bringing in pseudoscience but just questions in general. I guess it boils down to the teacher.

I know many young adults who have recieved their eductation degree and when asked what they would do if forced to adhere to certain rules the majority laughed a little and said what would be expected. Why did I go to college and pay thousands of dollars to become a preacher? The parents can deal with that.

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One man's trash

It was a parade down the alleys last night I tell's ya! Cars packed with scavengers ready to claim a dumpster as if they were vultures that just discovered a fresh carcass canvased the late night. Too bad my schedule didnt allow me enough time to hunt or else I could have furnished my new abode as well. Dont be wasteful I think was the true moral of the story.

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DNA evidence supports allegations against Granada shooter

Offtotheright...we are indeed humans that bleed red just as I stated above. No they are not like you, in fact no one is like you because what you are comparing is personality and character traits. "That" culture is not what gets you shot by the way. It's the idiots that do not understand gun safety or could care less about such things. This is not prone to Hip Hop either.

My statement has to do with the type of thinking that you and observer are clearly using. Stereotyping and complete prejudice do not belong in our society today but obviously you come from a very closed minded background where you feel it is okay, if not a right to pre-judge a person based solely on the actions of others within their class or social settings.

It is your right to pack heat where and whenever you want in the state of Kansas. I however feel it unnecessary to do so because of personal choice and to be honest there is no reason for me to carry a weapon except to the firing range or while im hunting for meat to cure.

Carry on and please do not take these comments in anger because that is not what my intentions are. It is merely my opinion, which can never be fairly construed to an overall understanding of all situations. I just hope this attitude towards "That" culture within these comment sections stay in the minority and away from the unique Lawrence community.

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DNA evidence supports allegations against Granada shooter


nah these people arent scum. They are people just like you and me. Many enjoy going out and listening to the music they enjoy. Admit that you are ignorant of the culture that these people are from. It is a different life for those that live in urban settings surrounded by drugs and gang violence. Hip Hop isnt evil nor the people that listen to it. I have went to both places and I do not fear for my life when I go because I understand my environment. It is as though society hates them from birth and when your reminded constantly that others are better than you because of superficial things such as race, color or wealth then I believe anger and self-esteem issues are inherently imposed. I also attend death metal shows and love checking out The Red Lion on fridays for the celtic band. Each one offers different tastes of unique backgrounds. Before you call another group of people scum I would advise you watch this short experiment done on presumptions and stereotypes.

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Code breach breaks lease

Thanks LJWorld for reminding me to write that darn letter!

Dear Landlord,

Im off like a prom dress!

Sincerely, Your Paycheck.

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The city that never sleeps

Yeah this town is real hustle and bustle at night but I find its pretty quiet. The bar crowd stays alive until Perkins runs out of bacon juice, Burrito King booby traps another stomach or some drunk fool talks his friends into the Outhouse. Some of the people that are children of the night can be interesting though.

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Runner reports seeing mountain lion along river levee

Mountain Lion? Pfffffttttt!!! I saw a Yeti the other day eating my trash. Filthy bastard didnt even pick the can up after tipping it over in the street.

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