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Scam in Lawrence area involves so-called tech-support call about computer viruses

They called and I told them that my computer just had a whole new computer fall out of it and now all my cats and dogs are chasing little tiny computer viruses. Then I told them that indeed, turkeys can fly for short distances.

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Lawrence road crews try a new machine for filling the city's potholes

aha! a tool from the Gods to fight the Pothole Apocalypse that enrages L-town every winter! I really hope this works though :)

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Haskell gets $1.6 million federal grant to make academic and administrative improvements

the students pay tuition, and the government by treaty law must ensure that all first nations people have access to an higher education. It was paid in lives and signed in blood.

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Lawrence man convicted of repeatedly raping child

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Fighting for respect

Congratulations Yosh and thank you LJWorld for such a great article about another wonderful Haskell student.

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Local police have own cyber-crime fighters

I for one hope this stops the tragedy online known as the "Flame War"! This is not a victimless crime and my mom will log in and flame anyone to ashes who disagrees with me!

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What is the least you've ever been paid for a job?

Lowest Paying Job I Ever Took.
by CheyenneWay

Picking purple hull peas and butterbeans. $0.50/bucket

I bought a pack of smokes at the end of the week!

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Police seeking two men in home invasion

I bet they were playing hip hop and smokin mad blunts yo!

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City weighs futures of Last Call, downtown

My one and only question. Why dont the police just hang out from 12-4am on Friday and Saturday night? If you know there is a problem area just go serve and protect. Buy a cheap camera and set it up outside. There are tons of video cameras in this town and if you put them in strategic spots around that block someone will catch any law breakers up to no good. Put up temporary signs stating that video equipment is monitoring the area. Then shove all the hippety hoppers into the building and let them crunk the night away. I used to go there but it got too crunk and I had to leave.

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