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Boutique bike-oriented fitness studio slated to open in West Lawrence

You mean stationary bicycles - not the paper kind (stationery)?

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Do you support the effort in New York City to limit the size of sugary drinkss?

I am happy to see a reduction in the serving size. I am never able to drink all of a large drink and when I go out to eat I usually finish only about half of the food. Serving sizes are ridiculously large. And yet I'm not able to get smaller portions and so I really supplement the eating and drinking habits of others. If the unit size becomes smaller than everyone can get exactly what they want - I'd like an 8 oz. drink. If you want 32 oz. you can buy four. No law suggests you can't. That way we all get what we want for a fair price and I'm not forced to buy 32 oz. when all I want is 8 oz.

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Vital vaccines

Drug companies spend more money on promoting drugs than they do in research and development. Last century saw the rise of so-called "wonder drugs" such as antibiotics.
Currently there are few of these in the pipeline. The drug companies are in a frenzy over the profit potential of vaccines. Drugs, on the other hand, are targeted to subgroups of individuals who are afflicted with certain diseases. Decisions on funding research are based on how much profit might be realized. If your disease does not afflict a sizable population, you are out of luck. There is just not enough profit. Big pharma is wild with anticipation of the huge profits they can make with vaccines because their potential market switches from small subgroups of the population to the entire world. Because it is a "preventative" they will sell it to everyone. The research community knows vaccines are a trigger in many neurological disorders. What is heard in the media is that vaccines do not "cause" certain disorders. There is rarely one "cause". In genetically susceptible individuals environmental exposure to toxins (as in vaccines) triggers immune response which affects brain proteins and synaptic function in the brain. There are approximately 1400 brain proteins and 130 of these are found to be involved with disorders such as autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, OCD, and many others.

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City to spray brine to keep major Lawrence streets clear this winter

I hope they have plans for the Ninth St. hill.

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16 Things: KU Honors lecturer Mary Klayder advises ‘It’ll be fine’

Mary Klayder was a generous source of inspiration and fun when my daughter was in school. Thanks Mary!!

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Town Talk: Bert Nash land purchase may open door for outdoor wellness area; Jos. A. Bank rumored for downtown; city fees set to increase

Weaver's Department Store is older than Macy's Department Store. It opened in 1857. There are only limited retail dollars in a community our size. Competition is fine but many people don't understand that in a race to rock-bottom prices we are overlooking many of the less tangible benefits of a local institution such as Weaver's. There are those who will shop with a national retailer that has larger buying power - just because they want to save a few dollars. Then those same people will miss Santa landing on Weaver's roof and will wonder what happened to Lawrence's old-fashioned downtown.

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Town Talk: Bert Nash land purchase may open door for outdoor wellness area; Jos. A. Bank rumored for downtown; city fees set to increase

Do we really want a Jos. A Banks? This store would definitely have a huge impact on Weaver's Men's store. Does anyone want to jeopardize our local department store?

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Students, volunteers go back-to-school shopping

This seems a bit insensitive. This child deserves privacy. Target should not use her to advertise their generosity.

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Town Talk: 'Donation meters' may be newest strategy to combat downtown panhandling; Ninth Street turning lane planned; downtown Mexican restaurant details; softball to provide $1 million boost

I travel 9th St. going east every day and have NEVER had a problem at that intersection. At most I have to wait for 2-3 cars coming west across the intersection. This idea must have something to do with concerns other than traffic. If waiting 30 seconds or so behind another car seems a problem to you then you need to rethink your priorities.

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Violin students hold recital in South Park

Wonderful person and great teacher!!

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