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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Clinton public land in unit 19. I could really careless about private ground in this unit. Once again see my first post, is it really that hard or are you just that bitter?

Not KS Chas, he lives west of Glen Elder while I'm a resident of unit 19, so once again your wrong. You just know bits and pieces, Internet chatter doesn't give you the KBA's stance on issues.

So did you belong to the KBA and then get pissed off because they didn't buy your "my way is the only way" attitude, did they not move fast enough or in a different direction than you wanted. I mean you don't come by this kind of hatred naturally, did a member piss in your Wheaties?

I think the 1 tag is a great idea, it's what I do right now(though I haven't bowhunted in about 5 years). I don't think the KBA thinks much of it, but that's their problem.

Not for the other idea.

"IF you are not against rifles why do you call the Unit 19 Rifle season "slaughter".

Because it's a fraud, Clinton deer have nothing to do with I-70. So to me these deer are harvested under false pretense.

"NOW THAT is exactly the response from a bowhunter and is BS. You are NO muzzleloader, you are a bowhunter or you would have given this up long ago."

Looking at my Muzzleloader tag right now, once again you don't know as much as you think. Filled my primary tag last year with my .243, a nice doe..........yes I took a doe with my Either sex rifle tag. I bowhunted from about 79 to 2001, hurt my shoulder and haven't bow hunted since..........I'm also very content with the length and timing of ML and rifle season. Now who's FOS. Any more half truths you'd like to spew.

Want my bet? If ya do get a longer season, I bet it ain't going to be closer to the rut. Bet?? The powers to be are changing..........KOA, Hayden (at least Jennison is out for a bit). Money rules and Big Bucks make them big bucks so they won't risk having a herd that looks like MO's............they have guns in the rut. KS and it's deer are in every hunting rag you pick up, you honestly believe they'll screw with that!

I've never completely agreed with anybody, but right now I'm cool with the way things are.............I still get to get out and hunt. Been teaching the kid to squirrel hunt, life is good:^P

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Marion, my .54 is a peach:^)

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Asbestos, I'll bet ya a 6 pack that seasons don't change very much in the next 5 years.

Deer are worth money to KS now, big buck specifically. Bucks don't get big if their picked off as a button buck (thought it was a doe)from 200yards. Outfitters can't get enough tags for bowhunters but the state had left over non-res rifle, doubt those cagey outfitters are going to want much more rifle season..........can't get rid of the tags they have now. I think the only people(as a group) pushing for herd reductions are the insurance companies. The state wants non-res dollars, the commuities want non-res dollars, deer are now a cash crop for landowners(you don't build a herd by selling the heifers)..............deer on the hoof is money!!

Do you like the one tag for all seasons idea?

How about unlimited non-res rifle tags on this side of the state?

Hell, you've spun so much I'm dizzy(and sick), but the simple fact is bowhunters have a voice and you don't. So keep spinning and when there is no one left to stand up for our sport you'll have won.

5 years, bet the primary rifle season isn't doubled. Theres more management going on up there than you think. Bet?

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak


Tresspassers are slobs, I don't care what they have in their hands.


.54 Hawkins.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

"THANK you there KBA member for "OUTING" the org for what it is and showing your anti Rifle hunting bias and ignoring the thread which has to do with MANAGING Bambi, not rifle hunters. That is the KDWP problem....they listen and rely on bowhunter too much."

My first post on this thread:

"Nothing wrong with the season length or price of the tag. The problem is access to hunting land, doesn't matter how many deer your allowed to take if you have no place to hunt. Unit 19 was developed to reduce deer numbers along the I-70 corridor,, all it's done is destroy the quality deer hunting on the Clinton WMA(public hunting) because there are few private landowners that allow hunting. How many deer on Clinton do you think have ever even seen I-70, probably none but the slaughter continues."

My second post on this thread:
"Is killing more bucks really population control or is rifle hunting the rut more important? Unit 19 is supposed to be about population control, if this were truley the case than it would(should) be doe only.

Unit 19 was set up by the insurance companies and our stupid(game management wise) legislature to show the public they were doing something about the deer problem. All we're doing is thinning the herd on public land 5 mile from I-70. We can't hunt hogs on Clinton because hunting doesn't control the population and pushes hogs onto private land............hmm, aren't we doing the same thing to deer by having Clinton as part of the unit 19 early season?"

I was talking about nothing but game management, your the one that brought up bowhunting, the KBA, and the anti-rifle alligation.

Your first post:

""Is killing more bucks really population control or is rifle hunting the rut more important? Unit 19 is supposed to be about population control, if this were truley the case than it would(should) be doe only."

Sounds like a BOWHUNTER!""

I stand by my words............Clinton doesn't need to be in the Unit 19 early season. Your the one that brought your personal vendetta to this thread.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

"THE WHOLE KBA organization is a "lobbyist" you dim wit. Yes I think SHawn has done some good things, but there again, the attitude of everything for archery and nothing for rifles permeates that misreable little organization. HELL, there are some bowhunters what want nothing to do with it, as it is so eliteists (they think)."

Hey dimwit, it's a BOWHUNTING organization. So the membership rally's against bill's they don't agree with, thats great for the bowhunters in the bowhunting club, at least bowhunters have worked to make their voices heard in Topeka. Why haven't you listed any grassroots rifle org's., because there aren't any. Instead of whining about a bowhunting group supporting a bowhunting agenda maybe you should try and rally riflehunters into a common voice. Stop b&#%hing and sniping, do something positive with your energy.

"The views I've expressed here are not a representation of the views of the KBA......."
OH like after all your puffing about the virtues of the KBA , NOW you say your views don't reflect KBA.. I'd say they reflect them PERFECTLY.

Bad wording on my part.............My views are not the OFFICAL views of the KBA.

I do believe the KBA is a great organization for KS bowhunters and if in their battles they help protect our KS hunting heritage a little longer than I think their good for all hunters..............just so ya understand, they are a bowhunting organization.

"WHY dear GENERAL PUBLIC do they have to preface what they say..... because 4 years ago they were talking about booby traps to "protect their hunting site" on the Post after post on placement and use of "rat traps", by the MEMBERSHIP of KBA. Rat traps are 2 x 8's with bridge spikes pounded through them and then are put spike side up buried in the ground.

THIS is the mentalitity you have here. That is also the mentalitity that is unfortunately running our KDWP deer management program and the main reason it is screwed."

So a guy vents on a blog about how is he frustrated with tresspassers, poachers, vandals and people shooting cattle on his land. He was chastised on the site as irresponsible, never did it and I believe no longer is a member.
I know I've never read in the offical bi-monthly newsletter about the KBA supporting spiked pits, or being anti-rifle.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Well for starters you've labled me anti-rifle.........wrong, where have I stated that I'm anti-rifle. I've even given them credit for making sacrifices. I could careless about the equipment a person uses as long as it is legal for that season. My earlier comments on this subject were that i felt the the early unit 19 was not need on Clinton public land.

1. The Clinton deer do not impact the number of car-deer accidents on I-70, 40 ,59 ,or 56, it's a long ways from these highways. Any deer that may drift off Clinton could be harvested on private land. Unit 19 was "given" to us as a method to reduce deer-car accidents.

2. If it were actually about population control then deer game tags(doe tags) would be allowed on the WMA, but there not.

3. I (not the KBA) feel that it reduces the quality of the hunting for local resident unit 19 hunters that rely on public land for their opportunities. By the time regular rifle season gets here there have been 3 units worth of hunters up there killing and scaring the deer.

I'm not anti-rifle, I'm PRO-resource. Don't really care if you believe that or not.
"Try Doug from Manhattan, the 300 pounder that showed up to a trad shoot in a lion cloth. I could name names in the KBA about those Officers past and present that want Rifle hunting ended and only shotguns. How about Ron in Lawrence, he blathers on and on on about how great things are in IOWA because of shotguns only and no rifles."

Wow, has legistlation been brought forth or submitted that wants to outlaw rifles..........not that I know of. If the KBA is so powerful then way hasn't it been done. You name a couple of members that have voiced there opinions on a BOWHUNTING site, they are entitled but guess what.............everyone is entitled. There have been several anti bowhunting comments made on this site.........are they entitled, yep.

"Again this response shows bias hereof an archery only hunter. YOU get 6 tags too, but 2.5 months + to fill them. What do I get??? 10-12 days.

YOU are a hunting hypocrite!"

I get 6, no kidding, thanks for telling me, duh!!

Your only limited to 10-12 days for 1 of your tags, your primary either sex tag. The statewide antlerless and the 4 game tags can be used during any season with legal equipment. I've choosen to use various types of equipment to maximize my time in the woods. My primary tag is Muzzleloader and I have a statewide antlerless that I hope to fill with a rifle or ML. I haven't bowhunted for deer in about 5 years, am I still a bowhunter,hmmm. I'm sorry you don't feel your 3 seasons are enough, to many opportunities out there to just sit and whine about what you don't have.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak


Rifle season is just around the corner, did you get your 6 tags?? Is that enough?? If ya don't fill them all are you going to blame the KBA and bowhunters?? I haven't bowhunted in about 5 years but am looking forward to using my muzzleloader.

disclaimer: The views I've expressed here are not a representation of the views of the KBA...........ya never know what kind of bitter people will be twisting things around;^P

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

"OF course antler grownt is only 2 things, genetics which is potential, and nutrients which lets poential fulfill itself. Merely not allowing shooting of bucks when they are dumb will just limit bucks and the population...not the quality. DUH!

"We've NEVER had rifles in the rut, so your statement is unprovable."

Makes yours that way too, forgot about that didn't you! What a lulu!"

Ever seen a 10 point that was 2 years old? When you shoot them when their dumb they never get to reach their potential. Hard to follow what you were trying to say.

""We need check stations and actual unit management, not this crap guessing we have now."

I pushed for that four years ago and was put down by the KBA on the and at the public meetings."

I belong to the KBA and also think we need check stations. Of course the guy I voted to represent me in Washington isn't doing everything I want either, your point? The KBA is a paying sponsor of the Bowsite, it's not the offical website of the KBA. Some people on that site are KBA members, many are not. Are you a KBA member, if so, then contact your area Rep.. If your not than I have to wonder why you choose to push your views on them. After all, there the enemy to you.

"PRO BOwhunting in Kansas is equal to CON Rifle hunting. Have you talked to the Kansas bowhunters. They called rifle hunters poachers, the "orange army", shoot deer out of the pickup window."

Have you ever read anywhere that the KBA want to outlaw rifle hunting? They are a bowhunting group not a rifle group, of course their going to be Pro Bowhunting.......cry about your lack of rifle hunting representaion in Topeka to someone else, the KBA isn't for or against you, waaa.

Read your next statement again and then tell me about highground. Your no better than any other name caller.

"I have alsoseen a lot of sloppy bowhunters. I have harvested 3 deer with braodheads in them from obvious poor shot placement, (neck and spine). SHooting too high on something too far away. SO please do not tell me about the bowhunters great concern for the resource, it is a myth for the most part. They also donot hold the high ground on hunting even if they are legendary hunters if only in their sorry bowhunter little mind."

"Wow, a couple of game wardens belong to the's a conspiracy."

That's right LAW ENFORCEMENT! Having a conflict of interest??? NO problem to you? There is more than that. GO down to Pratt and look at all the KBA stickers on the Pickups of employees.

Other State Agencies cannot allow employees to belong to lobbyist groups within their area of enforcement and regulation. Why is it OK with you for KDWP game wardens???"

How many full time paid lobbist does the KBA have...........let me help ya out, ZERO.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Wow, a couple of game wardens belong to the's a conspiracy. Rather than ranting(yes you rant) about a grassroots group focused on protecting the hunting rights of Kansans, maybe you should focus on the stupidity of having Legislatures making wildlife management decisions. Yes the KBA is pro bowhunting, but many of their battles effect all KS sportspersons. Got the numbers to any other grass roots KS hunting groups?

Do you have any proof that only genetics and the feed bag are only thing that gives KS big Bucks? We've NEVER had rifles in the rut, so your statement is unprovable. Don't forget age as a huge part of why KS has big bucks, they don't get old on Clinton anymore. All Kansans currently have a chance to shoot a "trophy" buck, can you guarantee that will be the case if rifles are allowed in during the rut? Check out MO's P&Y and B&C entries compared to KS........they have guns in the rut. You say we have to many does, is that your "professional" opinion.............sure can't be Lloyd Fox's, he doesn't have a clue what we have for a herd or how many are harvested. I know you don't hear as much about crop damage since deer became a "cash crop". We need check stations and actual unit management, not this crap guessing we have now.

Totally agree about the slob hunter comments and the need for more enforcement............but wardens aren't free and KDW&P doesn't seem to have much of a budget,hmmm.

Good luck and good hunting.

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