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Mobile homes at Riverview Trailer Park declared unfit for habitation

Don't leave the neighborhood inspectors..........740 Walnut is also a renters nightmare!!

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Union rally fuels Kansas Democrats

All city employee's should unionize, looks like there's lots of support for it.

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Woman detained after allegedly swimming nude in Kansas River

If this had been a "homeless" man, I wonder if we'd have as much LPD bashing on this thread?

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Shooting in Douglas County sends Eudora man to hospital, suspect turns gun on himself

Igby, the amount of misinformation in your post above is unbelievable!!

A .410 shotgun is not barreled any longer than other gauged shotguns.

It is the least powerful of all shotgun gauges currently produced.

They can be choked anywhere from open cylinder to turkey.

.410's are also chambered in 2.5" shells.

They are a great goose wounders. Payload is too small for consistent hits to the vitals and buckshot is lead........illegal to use on waterfowl.

Can't use a .410 slug gun during muzzleloader season so whats the use in comparing them. I'd take a rifled .50 over a smoothbore .410 slug gun any day.

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North needs

I'll take a North Lawrence fire station, something besides a "ditch" drainage system, a fixed 2nd and Locust intersection, and representation on the City Commission for North Lawrence over a grocery store. Other than those, I'll vote with Write2Know.

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Drowned fisherman identified, from Lawrence

I've been fishing with Eric for the last 2 years(Tournament partner) and he loved to fish Shawnee for trout. He would wade out from shore and use long rods with light line to reach fish other couldn't, obviously something bad happened that caused him to go under. I don't have any other details than what has been reported in the papers, but I know he will truly be missed by my family and me.

I'll also be willing to bet the house that ZERO beers were involved.

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Buying into the gun culture

I went with the 638, really like the shrouded hammer. This feature allows for using the gun as a single action, a whole lot more fun to shoot than a straight double action. Thought the laser was a waste on the 642, the dot really dances when you try to squeze off a shot with that 2 ton trigger. The wife and I both felt the 638 had less noticable recoil than the 642, don't know why though..............haven't tried any P+ out of the 15 oz. gun yet, that ought to jump a bit.

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Water treatment plant expansion to cost $4M more

"Van Saun said the city was aware of the dump, but was unable to estimate how much it may cost to remove the soil from the site until more tests were completed. Those tests now have been completed, she said."

So what part of that doesn't make sense??

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City commission briefs

"City commissioners on Tuesday unanimously agreed to spend $251,500 to hire a consulting firm to help create a development code that will allow for the construction of "traditional" neighborhoods"

So they hired consultants from California,hmmm.

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Motorists beware: Season for deer mating near peak

Marion, please tell my .54 that is supposed to be one of the most accurate around,hehe.

Had an in-line at one time but just didn't feel right with it in a "primitive" season. Sidelocks, patched roundballs, and the sight and smell of real blackpowder(Goex fff).

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